San Antonio Texas Indie Film “Borderlands” – Lead & Supporting Roles


Independent Short film titled “Borderlands” is holding auditions for paid speaking roles in San Antonio. The film will be produced by Barbara Cigarroa. The film is scheduled to shoot for 3 days in  San Antonio
beginning on June 12, 2014 and wrapping production on June 14, 2014. “Borderlands” will be directed by Valerie Schenkman and is about a Latino immigration officer.

Joel, a Mexican-American immigration officer unsure about his cultural identity and career, is forced to examine everything he understands about himself.

The film is casting for the lead role og Joel as well as supporting cast.

Now casting for the following roles:
JOEL – Male. Age 25 to 30. Bilingual Spanish fluency preferred. An up-and-coming U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officer, he is a fiercely loyal and serious man who believes in serving his country. Growing up in a middle-class Midwest environment, he did not develop a strong sense of his Latino identity. When he moves to Texas for his job, he encounters the local Latino culture and experiences a crisis of conscious as he questions his chosen profession.

ANDRE – Male. Age 17 to 20. Bilingual Spanish fluency required. A typical high school student, André does moderately well in school but occasionally skips classes to hang out with his friends. He helps his single father Ernesto around the house and is an idol to his younger brother, José. A first-generation American, André easily crosses the border to see friends and family in Mexico. The only thing that prevents him from having a completely normal adolescence is that his father is an illegal immigrant. When Joel detains Ernesto for a petty crime he committed decades earlier, André is left as the man of the household.

MIC – Male. Age 35 to 45. A no-nonsense officer who has worked in the ICE branch for many years and is numb to the monotony. He takes Joel on as the newcomer in town and tries to sway him against becoming emotional and idealistic in their line of work. For Mic, it’s just a job.

ERNESTO – Male. Age 50 to 60. Bilingual Spanish fluency required. A hard-working, serious father of two, Ernesto immigrated to the U.S. when he was in his mid-20s. Since his wife passed away six years ago, Ernesto has tried his best to make ends meet and provide for his family by working odd jobs.

JOSÉ – Male. Age 5 to 10. José is a well-mannered yet curious first grader who looks up to his older brother André. He has less of a grasp of his cultural heritage due to his age and his parent’s busy schedule. He speaks Spanglish.

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casting call for 'Borderlands" short indie film

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