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Spike’s Tattoo show, “Tattoo Nightmares” is now casting people who have bad tattoos and a desire to get rid of their tattoo nightmare for good.

Tattoo Nightmares – wants to help people wake up…. 1 tattoo at a time!

Do you have a bad tattoo you want covered up?

  • Do you have your ex’s name stamped onto a prominent location?
  • High school sweetheart not so sweet anymore?
  • Is your tattoo a constant reminder of a bad drunken night?
  • Do you have a faded design that looks like a big blob of ink on your skin?
  • Or something else you totally hate?

You lived the memory, you loved the ink and now it has lost its luster…. Apply now for the show.

The show’s tattoo artists  Tommy, Jasmine and Big Gus can help you fix that disaster. The 3 tattoo artists take the most horrible  tattoos and turn them into masterpieces that you can be proud of.

Casting Directors for “Tattoo Nightmares” want to hear your story for a chance to get your tattoo covered up on the show.

Tattoo Nightmares

Crazy ex-relationships, drunken dares and college nights, there are many instances where a decision made can haunt you for the rest of your life, especially if it is made permanent in ink.

Sick of your husband, Steve, asking you who “John” was? Flash art lost its flare? Wish it were still the days when tribal tattoos were cool? Did you find out what that Japanese symbol on your shoulder actually means? Tramp stamp tattoo not fit the prude you?

Do you or someone you know have a great story as to why you want to cover up your ink? Doron Ofir Casting is looking for people who made a mistake in ink and want the chance to re-do their tattoo. Apply now for the show.

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  1. Sheila

    I need a cover up for my cover ups cover up….
    So when I was 16 I got “property of (douche bags first and last name)” ‘stamped’ on my lower back : where they call it a tramp stamp… big thick black print, taking up my entire lower back!
    So, 2 years later I started my cover up journey, my ‘artist’ moved Before it was complete but to be honest I don’t know if I’d want him to finish even if he would…..
    I now have a razer blade taking up my lower back…. helllllppppp!!!

  2. Kayla Steinhoff

    I was supposed to get the verse, “Therefore God exalted him to the highest places and gave him the name Jesus and every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Wrapped around my ankle, but the girl who did it forgot the “and” in between “Jesus” and “every”. There is no room to add an the & symbol or anything it it because the spacing is so small (smaller spacing than what is left in between the other words too). It is my first tattoo and I don’t know a way to fix this. I have been thinking about it almost non stop for the past few days and would like to know an easy solution to this. If anyone has any advice or insight, it would be VERY helpful.

  3. Taylor Jones

    I have the words “I don’t need saving” in big bold typewriter font plastered across my inner arm. I am petite, and when I say the font is big, I’m talking open up Word and set the font to 26. It was the worst first tattoo experience ever; I wanted small (size 8 small) typewriter style “I am the hero of this story; I don’t need saving” . Now anytime my boyfriend or friends see it they tell me my arm needs saving!

  4. Valerie Perry

    I have a memorial tattoo gone horribly wrong! It’s supposed to be something great and honorable but it’s an eye sore that makes me wanna cry for the most awful reason! My 9 year old nephew is now passed away and i would love an opportunity to have this covered up (or even fixed it they dared try!) especially since i don’t have the finances myself to have it covered now!

  5. Chuck Berry

    Hi. My name is Chuck Berry, yes Chuck Berry lead guitarist of the band BLOOD LUBRIKENT, and I have a terrible hack-job tattoo that I desperately need repaired and /or covered. My ex-girlfriend has done great work on others, however, the work she did on me is terrible. Please choose me to be on your show as I would very much appreciate it. Thanks and have a great day.
    Chuck Berry

  6. Randy Mann

    Was partying at a friends many years ago when one of his buddies broke out the tattoo gun and in my drunken stupor I sat there and let him tattoo the lady liberty holding a big apple instead of the torch and it’s been with me ever since. Looks really bad and I get laughed at every time someone sees it.

  7. jim geary

    About 200 yrs. ago, I was caught up drinking and drugging on a regular basis, we used to party at my apartment quite a bit, this guy used to party there all the time, but never had any money, so one day he told us that he would do tattoos to pay back all the partying he was doing. Needless to say I got the worse lion tattoo on my back possible. I’ve been sober 17 yrs. and it’s time to get this horrible mistake fixed. Please help.

  8. Kelly schurr

    I have a horrible butterfly tattoo on my right leg. I love butterflies but my friend who I thought was gonna be good at tattooing was bad. He scared me bad with the tattoo. While he was doing the outline he screwed up the outline a bit to the point the one line went into the spot where the color was and is now. Now when he went to color it it ha it went way down hill the color didn’t even really color up the mistake he made before and never listened to what I wanted or how I wanted it. Let’s just say I made a huge mistake at letting a friend do his first “legit” tattoo on me. The tattoo remindes me of a horrible friend and how bad this tattoo is

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