“Taken 3” needs big men to play bodyguards & Police in Atlanta

By | May 1, 2014

TAKEN 3” is currently filming in the Atlanta area.

The film is looking for extras who can portray MALE BODYGUARDS & SECURITY. Are you an Atlanta resident that has a big, rough and tough look? If so, this may be your chance to get a small extra role in the feature film “Taken 3“.

Currently, they are only looking for background who has not yet worked on this project or “new faces“.

This is for a scene that will be filming in Atlanta next week, either on the 8th, or the following week on the 14th. Only submit if you are available in Atlanta on those days. If interested, be sure to send in your photos ASAP as the deadline for this is tomorrow.

20th Century Fox is filming the 3rd movie in the “Taken” series. The film will star Liam Neeson as well as Maggie Grace who plays his daughter, Kim. “Taken 3? will also star Forest Whitaker, Jonny Weston and Famke Janssen.

The film will be released in theaters on January 9th of 2015.

The extras casting directors for this project are Tammy Smith Casting in Atlanta.

Filming 5/8 or 5/14 in ATLANTA, GEORGIA

Taken 3 in Atlanta

Casting for MEN ages 22 to 50 all ethnicities, to be featured as security and bodyguard types


  • Pay rate is $80 for 8 hrs with OT after that.
  • some will work 5/8 and some will work 5/14 – please list your availability for either or both dates in your submission (under your stats)
  • Please list ANY tattoos that you have on your arms or neck, IF any. The wardrobe is most likely long sleeve, but just in case it is not.
  • New faces only (even if you worked and were “not seen”)

PLEASE SUBMIT by tomorrow midday for photo selection for this ahead of time)

and put “TOUGH MEN” in the subject.

We will notify you if you are being submitted to the director and producers

CURRENT PHOTOS- Headshots (professional) and/or ALSO regular current photos of you, from the waist or shoulders up and also a full length…casual and not a professional shot, – make sure if you submit a headshot that you also submit a photo of you that is NOT a professionally taken shot

INCLUDING A MORE SERIOUS PHOTO (no smile) is recommended to increase your chance of getting the job.

Then please List the following:
Email address
CITY and STATE where you live
Sizes: Jacket, collar, sleeve, waist, inseam, shoe

and LIST the following:

1. any real experience you have that is relatable (security guard, bodyguard, police, military, etc…) Not mandatory but good to know…

2. ACTING EXPERIENCE (either attach a resume IF you have one or list your acting or set experience, IF you have any)

3. IF you own a nice black and/or Gray business suit

4. List availability (“Avail BOTH dates” or list which date you are open)





– for this MON, 5/5, TUES 5/6 and WED 5/7
(possible 2 or 3 day call )
(Daytime scenes)

Casting MEN and WOMEN to be police officers
Ages 25-55- ALL ethnicities
The police are LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) and some will be in uniform and some will be plain clothes cops.

NOTE 1: Some of you will be booked for Monday AND Tuesday and then some for just Tuesday, however ALL need to have Wednesday open, as they will recall who they need from the set on Tuesday for Wednesday’s scene. Please see how to list your availability after the stats required below.

NOTE 2: People with REAL experience as an officer, military experience or other relatable experience (firemen/women, paramedics, martial arts, etc….) will be prioritized in being booked. Please list if you have any experience.

NOTE 3: Men- if you have facial hair, please submit a photo WITH it, or make a NOTE of it, and also, note that uniformed cops are only allowed a neat mustache and other facial hair is limited (you may want to mention if you are ok to shave it off, etc…)

NOTE 4: We CAN REPEAT some of our LAPD from last week, so those folks can submit, but NO OTHER REPEATS (even if you were booked and “not seen”)

NOTE 5: PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR A BOOKING EMAIL later today/tonight or tomorrow morning.!
Thank you!

and put “LAPD STATION” in the subject

CURRENT PHOTOS- Please make sure you send a good face photo from the shoulders up, with no other people in the picture and a photo of you, from the waist or knees up. Your hair length should be visible in at least one photo.
A photo of you looking more serious (no smile) is appreciated even more so.

Then please List the following:
Email address (please list in the body for convenience in booking)
CITY and STATE where you live (or will be coming from)
Men: Jacket, Shirt (collar x sleeve), pants (waist x inseam) and shoe size
Women: Dress size, bust/bra, waist, pants size, shoe

LIST your experience as a police officer, military or other disciplines (martial arts, fire dept., etc…)

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