Actors for Tin Can Shakespeare Series in Chicago


“Tin Can Shakespeare: The Two Gentleman of Verona”

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Type: Theater

Casting for “The Two Gentleman of Verona.” This production will be the inaugural piece for Zero Sum as well as the first of many in our Tin Can Shakespeare series.

Tin Can Shakespeare is an attempt to bring Shakes’ work to a wider and more expansive audience via audio performance and podcasting; making his work more accessible. We aim to create an authentic, engaging performance through sound alone. With professional editing and impeccable acting we believe we can provide the full Shakespearean experience in a free easy-to-download format.

“Tin Can Shakespeare” is also the beginning of a brand, as we will eventually move away from The Bard’s work and create audio performances of original and well known theatrical pieces.

For your audition:

Please include an audio recording of your performance of two classical monologues; one comedic and one dramatic.

Rehearsals will begin Monday, November 16th 2015 and the official recording will be that following Saturday, November 28th 2015.

Shakespeare auditions

Roles Available:

  • Duke of Milan: The Duke intends to marry his daughter, Silvia, to Sir Thurio; he himself is planning to woo a lady. For him, it has been some time and he doesn’t quite remember how to go about it.
  • Valentine: A young gentleman of Verona
  • Proteus: A young gentleman of Verona whose emotions are extremely changeable and lacks self-control.
  • Antonio: Proteus’ father.
  • Thurio: A foolish gentlamen at the court of Milan, and suitor to Silvia’s hand.
  • Eglamour: Sir Eglamour is a knight at the Duke’s court. He was deeply in love with a lady, who died.
  • Host: The Host run an inn where Proteus and Julia each stay while in Milan.
  • Speed: Valentine’s servant.
  • Launce: Proteus’ servant.
  • Panthino: Antonio’s servant.
  • Julia: A young lady of Verona beloved by Proteus.
  • Silvia: Daughter of the Duke of Milan.
  • Lucetta: Julia’s waiting woman.
  • First Outlaw: Quite blunt about being the enemy of those whose path crosses his band’s. He considers the stabbing to death of men and the stealing away of women to be nothing more than “petty crimes.”
  • Second Outlaw: The Second Outlaw is all for killing travelers.
  • Third Outlaw: The Third Outlaw is greatly impressed by Valentine and thinks him just the sort of man the outlaws need as a leader.
  • Crab: A dog.

Note: Most actors will carry more than one part.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
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