“Alt for Norge” or “Great Norway Adventure” Casting nationwide

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Get on “Alt For Norge” – The 2016 season is now casting

Are you of Norwegian descent and wanting to go to Norway? Season 7 of “Alt for Norge” or ” The Great Norway Adventure” is now casting nationwide. The show is looking for people who have some Norwegian heritage yet have never actually traveled there. If you would love a chance to travel to Norway

Casting Season 7 of “The Great Norway Adventure” (aka “Alt for Norge”)

O’Connor Casting is taking online submissions and video submissions from people who would like to be cast on the Norwegian reality show, “Alt For Norge“.  There are also plans to hold some open casting calls for the show and the open call cities and dates will be announced next month.

Alt for Norge  is a Norwegian reality show that takes Norwegian-Americans who have lost touch with Norway back to their homeland. A family-friendly competition! 90% in English, with parts in Norwegian. This isn’t your typical Reality TV show. It’s not about the cast fighting or sabotaging each other. Chosen participants will travel to Norway to compete in good-natured, exciting and extreme cultural challenges.

If you haven’t heard of this show and you (or someone you know) are even just a little bit Norwegian, then you should check it out! Alt for Norge  is Norway’s #1 Emmy award winning show. Previous cast members say this is an awesome and life changing experience. Some have even been inspired to moved to Norway! Wouldn’t you like to fly to Norway, have an exciting adventure, have a chance to meet relatives you don’t even know exist and win a cash prize of

Those cast will have a fully paid trip to Norway where they will compete in reality competition show type challenges to discover where their families came from and maybe even reunite with some relatives. This is a reality competition show and the winners will receive $50,000.00….. a free trip to Norway, meeting some family, and $50,000…. not too shabby at all.

get on Alt for Norge


The show is seeking “nice and polite” people who are willing to talk to strangers to go on a once in a lifetime type of journey.

Alt For Norge”  is taking online auditions and video auditions, please see the form below for further information on how to apply to get on “Alt For Norge” in 2016.

Casting Norwegian-Americans for an adventurous, fun, kind-spirited Norwegian Reality TV show. If chosen, you are flown to Norway to compete in amazing adventures for a chance to win $50,000!

O’Connor Casting Company is conducting a nationwide casting search for Season 7 of Norway’s #1 Emmy award winning Reality TV show “Alt for Norge” (aka “The Great Norway Adventure”).


Are you an American citizen with Norwegian ancestry (even a little bit counts) who is age 18+ and has never traveled to Norway? If so, click here for more info and to apply: http://www.jotformpro.com/OconnorCasting/norway7

The series follows 12 Norwegian-Americans who fly to Norway and immerse themselves in the culture and compete in a series of adventurous and fun challenges. The winner receives a CASH prize of $50,000.00 and meets Norwegian relatives they don’t even know exist. Please share or tag all of your Norwegian friends!

Deadline to apply is December 2, 2015… BUT ACT FAST! Early submissions receive immediate attention and give us ample time to get additional material from you that the producers may request.

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