Bruce Willis Film “Wake” Now Casting in Cleveland

Casting Call for movie in Ohio

A new action movie is gearing up to begin production in the Cleveland and northern Ohio area next month.  The casting process will begin on the 5th of this month and Cleveland area talent can submit their information for consideration beginning this coming Monday.  The film’s casting directors are looking for talent that can do some stunts and have some acting ability to be able to react on camera. According to a Deadline report, “Wake” will star Bruce Willis, is written by Christopher Borrelli (“The Marine 2”) and John Pogue (“The Quiet Ones”) will be helming the  project.  While not much is yet known about the films plot or other cast, there are reports that “Wake” will be an action comedy about a man who feels no fear. “Wake” will shoot for about 2 months beginning Feb. 16, 2015.

According to WKYC,the film’s casting directors at Lillian Pyles casting are seeking to fill a variety of small roles and are in need of stunt actors ages 25+.

extras casting call in Ohio for Bruce Willis film "Wake"

Auditions for the roles will begin next week and those interested may submit their information along with  submit a headshot and resume to

The following roles are available:

SHORT HAIRED WOMAN: Age 35-50 years old / Federal Agent from Treasury Department. Preferred blonde / good physical condition.

ENOCH: Late 20’s – 30’s – Caucasian male. Fit condition.

SHERIFF: 60 – 70 years old male. Able to react during physical confrontation. Stunts required. Race open.

JO: Female Between 20’s – 30’s. Looks like a young Emma Stone. Unique working class / rough around the edges / good condition & able to react to being shot.

FETSO: Mercenary – middle aged – short & compact – stunts required. Race open.

RYKE: Mercenary – Youthful looking 20’s -30’s. Able to fight with knives. Race open.

UNCLE ALGIE: Caucasian male. Age 50-60 years old. Bruce’s contemporary.

MANFRED: Mercenary – Gigantic Beast of a man / race open / mid 30’s / stunts required.

TOYFELD: Mercenary, Short & muscular, Stunts required, mid 30’s-40, race open.

SEAN: 40’s / younger brother of Bruce Willis / stunts required.

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  1. Derick Harris

    I’m intersted in a part in any film. I am the spliting image of forest whittaker. I’m open to try out at any time.

  2. O'Neal brown

    I’m interested

  3. steven cardona

    I would love to work with Bruce, it’s one of my dreams..

  4. Heath Kelley

    Very interested for the roll of Ryke. I am 6″ age 21 male and physically fit .

  5. Jon brenizer

    Male early 20’s. 160 lbs, interested in Ryke’s roll.
    Absolutely no acting experience, but up to the challenge.

  6. Daniel Mena

    I am 14 years of age I understand Spanish, Portuguese, and English, I speak Spanglish. I have many talents, I play the bass, the cello, I sing, dance, and play the drums, all basic. I will love to work with this most talented actor. I grew up with his movies, saw his movies, all of them. I’m in your hands.

  7. Aloria Knox

    It would be awesome to be in this film. Looking to be Jo, or Ryke. Or any character that fits me. Email me please! Thanks.

  8. Mike Nelson

    I would love a chance to be in this movie.

  9. Jillian Zwada

    Hello, I am very interested in being apart of Wake. When I saw “JO: Female Between 20?s – 30?s. Looks like a young Emma Stone. Unique working class / rough around the edges / good condition & able to react to being shot,” I became so excited! Everyone always tells me I look like Emma Stone. My name is Jillian Ann Zwada. I was born on May 14th, 1997, in Detroit, Michigan. Today, I am seventeen years old and living in Macomb, Michigan. I know seventeen does not fall under 20’s – 30’s, but I look older than seventeen. I have been told many times I am so dramatic. I think I would be able to react to being shot quite well. I always put my best effort in everything I do. My height is 5’10” and my current weight is 120 pounds. I am a dancer, so muscle makes up my weight. In dresses I usually wear a size 2 or 4 in US sizing. In shoes I usually wear an 8.5 or 9 in US sizing. My bust is 31 inches. My waist is 23 inches. My hips are 33 inches. I have blonde hair with front bangs and my eyes are hazel. Please feel free to contact me at any time through my email. I look forward to you positive feedback.

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