Casting for Ridley Scott’s New Show “mercy Steet” in VA

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New Civil War drama “Mercy Street” is now in production in Virginia.

The new show is looking for for talent to fill a variety of roles including African American men and women, Caucasian men who play the piano or flute, Caucasian male thug types and an African American female about 50 years of age.

Ridley Scott and David Zucker are both executive producing the new show which will air on PBS. The series began filming this month and continues production in the area into the end of June.

The series takes place during the Civil War. The show’s casting directors are looking for great, timeless, character faces, skinny men to play soldiers, doctors, patients, nurses and other types. The show is set during the civil war in an Alexandria hospital and will require that talent cast wear period costumes. The costume sizes run small so there will be some restrictions due to sizing issues.

Casting call in Richmond VA for Mercy Street

MERCY STREET shooting in Petersburg, Virginia (fitting in Richmond)


For MERCY STREET working in the next two weeks (please share!)

1) Looking for caucasian males (18 and older) who can play the piano or the flute (Subject: whichever instrument you can play!) This works June 5 & 8. Fitting next week.

2) African American men and women to play “contraband.” Fitting tomorrow to work next week. (Subject: Contraband). Works 5/27 and 6/1

3) Upscale Caucasian men 50 and older to play prisoners (Subject: Prisoner)

4) African American woman (approx 50 years old) to play a mother. (Subject: Mother)

5) Caucasian male thug types to work 5/26, 5/27 and 6/1 (Subject: Thugs


Email with your photos, all size info, contact info. This shoots in Petersburg, VA. Please only submit if you can work all day long and you must attend a fitting, usually a few days earlier.


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