Core / Recurring Extras in Santa Fe for TV Show “Manhattan”

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The WGN series is filming in New Mexico and looking for folks with a flexible schedule to work as recurring extras this spring and summer.

The show’s casting directors at On Location  are seeking people who are available to work on an on-call basis between this month and the latter part of July. The show films in Santa Fe, so please only apply if you are local to the area as you will need to be on set with very short notice. The show is set in the 40’s so talent must not have modern hair styles / colors or any tattoos / piercings. Talent selected will need to go in for a costume fitting and ladies costumes are sizes 2 through 12.

Manhattan” tells the story of the race to build the first atomic bomb and the scientists involved whose lives become forever changed. The show follows the lives of the scientists and their families as they try to build the most destructive weapon known to man and the secrecy that surrounds the project.

WGN Manhattan TV series looking for paid extras

SANTA FE, NM Casting Notice – WGN series ‘MANHATTAN’ for work on various dates between 4/14/15 to 7/23/15.

Looking for our CORE Group of Extras & Featured Extras that will be able to come in for a wardrobe fitting sometime this week and who have very open/flexible schedules to work regularly on the show.
We obviously do not have specific work dates or call times so you would need to be be fully 100% available as needed when your character works. You MUST have open/flexible availability if submitting so that you can work on an On-Call basis whenever there is a need for your role type.If not, please DO NOT SUBMIT! (There will be other Non-Core intermittent roles available throughout the season also – however we are only booking Core group at this time)
Location is in the SANTA FE, NM area.
–This is a PERIOD piece (1940s) so all talent should fit the look of this time period: no unnatural colored hair, no visible tattooes, no gauges or piercings–
SCIENTISTS, MILITARY, WACs, TOWNSPEOPLE, MEDICAL STAFF, SECRETARIES, HOUSEWIVES: male and female, Caucasian, age range 23-60y/o, conservative, clean-cut, variety of interesting types. Ladies sizes 2-12 ONLY (due to period costumes)

DOMESTIC HELPERS, LABORERS: male and female, Native American & Hispanic, age range 19-55, working class, interesting faces
To submit for work as a CORE GROUP EXTRA – Please EMAIL US ASAP to: with subject line COR GROUP.

MILITARY MEN: male, Caucasian, age range 18-30y/o,
conservative, clean-cut, variety of types but does not have to be your typical military type – these are young guys who were drafted so don’t have to be fit or athletic. – Subject line CORE MILITARY

MILITARY SERGEANTS: Caucasian, age range 32-45 y/o,
conservative, clean-cut, variety of types but does not have to be your typical military type – these are young guys who were drafted so don’t have to be fit or athletic – Subject line CORE MILITARY.

You MUST include your first & last name and a contact number. MUST also have a current profile in the OLC database that has been updated within the past 6 months. *Please specify if you came to the Santa Fe open casting call for this project (we are in the process of uploading your photos from that casting call)

IF YOU SUBMIT – CHECK YOUR EMAILS & SPAM! We will be responding via email as quickly as we can and you will need to confirm your booking right away or we will replace you with someone else. Be sure to CHECK YOUR SPAM! IF YOU CONFIRM, YOU MUST SHOW UP no excuses! Failure to show up will mean that you will not be eligible for any future OLC bookings.

PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email! PLEASE DO NOT email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available for the duration of our shoot.  Thanks! DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE EMAIL or send additional emails asking if you have been booked yet – we will TRY to respond to everyone you just have to BE PATIENT but we may not be able to let you know if you were chosen or not.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE about this booking unless specifically requested.
MUST have a talent profile with us – If you do not have a profile please go to and complete a Talent Application before sending an email. It is FREE to register and you are not required to pay for any suggested account upgrades. – If you already have a talent profile in the OLC talent database, please log-in and make sure it is current with a recently updated picture.

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