Dallas Texas Web Series

By | April 3, 2015

Location: Dallas, Texas

Type: Web series

In Dallas, Texas, a legacy is continued by Colette “Cole” Washington. She owns Maxi’s Place, a popular jazz nightclub reminiscent of a bygone era. Executive Chef Tasha Haynes operates her kitchen in military fashion and creates a delectable menu to entice famished customers. Their failed relationship affects employee morale and current love interests. Ironically, it is this underlying tension that contributes to the success of Maxi’s Place.

An ensemble of supporting personalities adds their own dramatics to the plot. Ellis Coffey is the Assistant General Manager and the resident straight man on campus. Rocky Alvarez, kitchen’s second in command, has overloaded shoulders and a deep ethic of responsibility. Musician Bailey Thompson is on the fast track to stardom after an upgrade from the bar and a slew of jilted lovers trailing behind.

Her best friend, Logan Evans, leads the bartending crew and fights for her sanity. Daniel St. Clair hides behind a facade of indifference, keeping an eye on all the action. Enter the newcomer, Ava Russell, a college student with lofty ambitions and a weakness for romance.

Sooner or later everyone slides through Maxi’s Place. Good food, good music, and good company make up the pieces of a memorable evening.

We need these additional roles filled to complete our cast.

We are currently filming.

Margie Washington – Straight Female/Mid 50s
Felix Harper – Straight Male/Mid 50s
Sheila Thompson – Straight Female/Early 30s
Alvin Thompson – Straight Male/Late 20s
Daphne Rawls – Feminine Lesbian/Early 30s
Raven Yates – Feminine Lesbian/Mid 20s
Rocky Alvarez – Masculine Lesbian/Mid 30s
Tre Godwin – Masculine Lesbian/Early 20s
Extras – Male/Female, all ages and diversities

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, Texas
Please submit to: maxisplacewebseries@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Wordsmith Media Productions

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