Film Auditions in Austin Texas for “Ghost Valley” – Speaking Roles

Ghost Valley

Location: Austin, TX.

Type: Film

Ghost Valley is a noir mystery feature currently in pre-production. Will be filmed in Austin as well as rural surrounding areas of Texas. Principle photography is set to begin sometime in 2016. We will be working to raise and achieve budget funding for production until that time. We are planning on creating content for promotion, fundraising, teasers and other in character featurettes. Seeking talent to join the rest of our committed and passionately devoted cast. Payment is deferred for any content filmed and produced in pre-production. This will be a paid production once we succeed in our fundraising goals. Auditions will be held on Tuesdays: 9/15 and 9/29 at 6pm.

A young man disappears from Trinton County, TX. a desolate town known as Ghost Valley. A drunken, failed reporter is pursued by a vengeful, rogue detective, as they attempt desperate redemption only to find themselves lost in the strange town withholding its story: Ghost Valley. Where the truth comes gently, to settle and die. But Ghosts rarely keep their silence.

Jack Darcy: Late 30’s – Early 40’s – Lead Character – Dark Hair – Scrawny Build.
Jack Darcy, an alcoholic, womanizing scoundrel, is on a brink toward destruction. Once a promising journalist, now haggard, disheveled and facing divorce, Jack desperately escapes toward desperate redemption from his woes. He returns to a story left abandoned: centering around a young man who disappeared from Trinton County, TX. a desolate town known as Ghost Valley.

Alice Solares: Late 30’s – Early 40’s – Lead Character – Dark Short Hair – Hispanic/Biracial – Lesbian – Dark Complexion – Skinny muscular build.
Alice Solares, a vengeful homicide detective fringing on borderline personality and acute insomnia. She carries a high intensity in her own excessive and aggressive means of justice. Uncompromising in her moral character. She was traumatized and orphaned in violence from Ghost Valley, where she returns to stalk an elusive murderer; as well as confronting the haunts and heartbreaks of her tragic past.

Jeremy Morrow: Early 20’s – Supporting Character – Caucasian – Light Brown Hair – Thin Masculine Build – Country Boy.
Jeremy Morrow is the central subject to the lead characters investigative story. Born and raised in Trinton County, Jeremy survived a car accident at a young age, killing both his parents in the process. Adopted by his sickly judgemental Aunt, Jeremy grew up resenting Trinton County; he looked down at the town’s citizens in his superiority complex. He disappeared without motive or trace, unnoticed by the isolated dwellers of Ghost Valley.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Austin, TX.
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  1. André Wilmore

    I love the vibe of this. I was always interested in mysteries and suspense. I would love to be an asset to the success of this production.

  2. Ryan

    Where in Austin will the Auditions for ghost valley be located?

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