Fort Worth, Texas Theater Auditions for “Cowtown Capers”


Cowtown Capers: The Stockyards

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Type: Theater

Last-minute replacement, plus ongoing production.

Compensation: $100 for one quick performance on Sunday, Nov. 8
$100 for up to 3 shows for future dates. (Taking about 2 hours of your time)

Auditions: Now accepting apps. for ongoing performances but must have availability for
Sunday, Nov. 8.
Specific audition times will be scheduled/We will work with you to quickly get you up to speed for one of these roles.


Cowtown Capers is an ongoing production entertaining visitors to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Guests know only their show time and meeting place. ‘The mayor’ will greet them, explain a threat to the community from Bad Bart and deputize them as members of a posse charged to ‘clean up the town’.
Guests will follow clues to various locations where actors are placed. (Some of our locations will be in bars. Actors must be at least 21 years of age.) The story line and characters are tongue-in-cheek takes on stereotypical western movie themes and roles (think ‘Blazing Saddles’). We need actors with strong improvisational and people skills, as well as a sense of fun and humor. Our goal is for everyone involved with the production to be having a good time.

We will provide sides for the auditions and ask for a run-through of the lines. For the actual tours, however, you will need to hit certain plot points to move the story/tour along, but will have the freedom to develop your character.

Character BIOS

(Mayor, Justice of the Peace, and Judge of Cowtown Stockyards)
A fast-talking, con man of a politician. Pretty shifty, but still likeable. (We’re envisioning a western version of Music Man’s Professor Harold Hill)

Prototypical white-hat wearing good guy (a la John Wayne). A straight arrow cowboy who wants to bring law and order to a rough town.

Production title: Cowtown Capers
Type: Ongoing interactive theater
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Production Company: Hawthorne Avenue Productions, LLC
Casting Coordinator: Susan Stewart

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Fort Worth, Texas
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