Indie Film Auditions in Ohio



Independent film to shoot in the Kent, Ohio area is seeking to fill many roles, see below for full breakdown and character descriptions.

Location: Kent, Ohio

Type: Film

NARRATOR- Male or Female, 30+ Takes lead of the story. Seems like a casual person stuck with a professional job. Well-dressed. Pretends to be all-knowing. Not necessarily “good” at the job of being the narrator, but gets the audience through the story nonetheless.

SAM- Male, 18-25. Very unlucky. He realizes that he is in fact unlucky, but he has not given up in trying to change his fate. He is very accepting of all of the weird stuff going on around him. Dry sense of humor. Realist. Laid back. Sarcastic.

LIZ- Female, 18-25. Smaller build, dainty. Socially awkward, but almost in a cute way. Scattered. Reserved. Skeptical about life, especially when something good happens to her. Almost expects things to go wrong in her life. She is also accepting of this though and can almost make fun of this aspect.

BOB- Male, 18-25. A built guy, rugby player type. Not in college, but pretends to be Sam’s roommate to get girls. He is very flirtatious. A horndog. While sometimes his intelligence is blinded by his lust, he actually isn’t completely stupid. Great friend to Sam. Has no shame and can sometimes come off as cocky. One-track mind.

JANE- Female 18-25. Very passionate. New aged hippie. Great friend to Liz. She is very involved in protecting the environment. She is quirky and fun. Very outspoken. Carefree. Organized.

YORICK- Male, 18-30. Leader. Self-absorbed. Quirky. Very smart, but also very greedy and selfish. He enjoys being right and usually is. Comes off as very cocky and intimidating. He thinks he is all that. Other than himself, Alice is the only other person in the world he cares much about.

THE DEAN- Female, 35-70. She is a very hateful person. She dislikes everything about the school and everything in it except for making the money she makes. Very strict and intimidating. She is a great businesswoman.

DONNY- Male, 25-35. Comes off as an exceptional guy, loved by many. Smooth talker. The truth is though, he is not actually a good person, just a very good actor. He puts on a façade.

THE CHESSMASTER- Male or Female, 8-14. Extremely intelligent. Hangs around the park just to beat various challengers at chess. Very knowledgeable and resourceful. Great at finding out information.

VERONICA- Female, 25-35. Intelligent. In shape. Mob enforcer. She is intimidating. Very attractive. Takes charge.

HAGGITY BONES- Male, 35-70. Homeless. Spacey. Talks in a very strange and very particular way. While helpful, it is in a very unique way that some may not appreciate. Very strange and likes to surprise people. Says a lot of nonsense.

MAD MAGDELINE- Female, 50-70. Also homeless. Mysterious. Fun and upbeat. She is a modern day oracle in a sense. Comes off as very crazy. Helpful, in a very mystical way. Grandma-esqe.

ALICE- Female, 18-25. Yorick’s right hand woman. She is always there and supporting him. She is rather quirky, but also takes on a serious tone. Stylish. Chill vibe, but also helpful. We can assume that there are some feelings between her and Yorick, but neither act on them for one reason or another.

KEN- Male, 18-25. He is a member of Yorick’s group. Sometimes seems jealous of Yorick’s leadership. He enjoys being very big and flashy. He wants you to notice him walking in to a room and is very full of himself. Good at manipulation.

JEN- Female, 18-25. Another member of the group. She isn’t the smartest of the bunch, but also not the dumbest. She is good friends with Ben.

BEN- Male, 18-25. He is considered the dumb one of the group, even though none of them are dumb. He is the muscle. Big guy. He is usually seen around Jen.

indue film Unlucky

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Kent, Ohio

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This casting notice was posted by: Byron Weems, KSU Indepedent Films, Casting Director

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