Lead Roles in Drama Short Film, London, UK

Larisa, Cut!

Location: London, UK

Type: Film

Three Actors Required for Lead Roles in Drama Short Film

Looking for showreel material? A good strong role? Available on evenings/weekends in February?

Shooting in London

– We currently only accept video auditions. sides will be sent so please make sure you are able to do this and in a timely manner before submitting.
– You need to be available for weekday early evening rehearsals and a couple of weekends in February.

Shot like a documentary yet with a hidden narrative, this is the story of the relationship between a brother and sister as the brother prepares for a potentially life changing medical test.

The brother “Eric” has already been cast.

Only reliable, professional, friendly, fun actors with a positive attitude need apply. time wasters will not be considered for this or any future projects.

This is a collaboration. You will receive an IMDb credit, a fun learning experience, and a copy of the final film and behind-the-scenes/promotional material.

Lee Neville Ectertainment

Emma (Main Female Lead Role)

Emma is in her late 20s/early 30s, around the same age as her brother Eric. She is also the director of the documentary and is both seen on-screen and heard off-screen. Throughout the film, Emma is hiding a painful emotional secret. Slim. Standard English accent.

Larisa (Second Female Lead Role)

Larisa is aged 15-24 and is Emma and Eric’s cousin. She is also the camera operator filming the documentary and is both seen on-screen and heard off-screen. Throughout the film, Larisa is unaware of the real emotional secret between Emma and Eric. Mature. Realistic as young filmmaker. Slim. Standard English accent.

Katie (Must be comfortable with on-screen kissing)

Katie is in her mid/late 20s and is Eric’s girlfriend. She is attractive and used to getting attention in a nightclub black dress cleavage kind of way, yet still ready enough for a relationship since she and Eric live together. Katie enters on camera, says a few lines, gives Eric a full on kiss and leaves. She is referred to later on in the film.

Please submit via www.leeneville.com/leenevilleentertainmentcasting.html

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: London, UK
Please submit by 2015-02-14

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