Los Angeles Theater Auditions for “Villain of Mystery Island”


Villain of Mystery Island

Location: Los Angeles CA

Type: Theater

Amber Giving has been left with the responsibility of the family owned rest spa. The Giving Institute for the Dreadfully Excitable is located on Mystery Island. The only patient at the spa is Prudence Partridgeberry but the sea air and noises don’t seem to be doing her or anyone, any good. If things weren’t bad enough they soon will be, as the evil Klaus Blitzmiester has arrived to steal the spa for his own wicked purposes, recruiting the help of slinky nurse, Flouncy Von Bonbon. Will the new doctor at the spa, dashing Hansen Guy, be able to get the business on its feet and Blitzmiester off the island in time?

Amber Giving (F) 20-40 yrs old: She is the proprietor and owner of The Giving Institute for the Dreadfully Excitable. A lovely young woman, hard working and kind but might need to be a patient in her own facility if things keep going wrong for her.

Flouncy Von Bonbon (F) 20-35 yrs old: A Nurse on staff whose beauty is matched by her greed and sharp tongue. But is there a heart in there somewhere?

Prudence Partridgeberry (F) 30-65 yrs old: A patient at the institute. She is a highly excitable lady who has extreme nervous exhaustion… as does her Chihuahua.

Klaus Blitzmiester (M) 40-65 yrs old: A patient at the Institute, he is an elderly looking gentleman who is much stronger quicker and meaner than he at first appears.

Dr. Hansen Guy (M) 20-40 yrs old: A dashing and handsome man of science. Kind and intelligent he is ready to start a new exciting job at The Giving Institute for the Dreadfully Excitable.

Captain Spaulding (M) 30-60 yrs old: An impatient boat captain who likes to bark orders around. Rough around the edges, shifty, does what he has to do to get by.

The Host (MorF) Any Age: A special character who is not in the script itself but scripted separately as an aside. This person will be highly interactive with the audience. Clown or Magician experience with special skills is a big plus. It involves improvisation and you have the opportunity to show off your unique skills as a performer through collaboration with the production and artistic directors during the rehearsal process making this a very personalized routine. But you are essentially representing our company, connecting the audience to the show with silly banter, interactive sign holding and promotions. Similar to am MC but with way more pizzazz!

L.A. theater

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles CA
Please submit to: sgvrtdarya@gmail.com by 2015-06-12

This casting notice was posted by: San Gabriel Valley Repertory Theatre

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