Murder at the Petticoat and Pistol Saloon – DFW

Job for actors in the Fort Worth area

Fort Worth area murder mystery dinner theater show is looking to hire waiters / actors to participate in an interactive dinner show. Please note that actors will also serve as the wait staff, bus boys and restaurant hosts and payment is tips only.

Murder at the Petticoat and Pistol Saloon

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Type: Theater

Auditions for “Murder at the Petticoat & Pistol Saloon” Saturday, June 6; call for audition appointment: 817-229-4556. Prepare a song (CD accompaniment) and cold reading from script.

Prudence Petticoat (40-60, female) twin sister of Poppy Petticoat and co-owner of the saloon, schoolmarm spinster with strict attitude with a comedic twist.

Ellie May Oakley (20’s, female) pretty tomboy, talented quick shooter at the saloon, likeable, innocent and sweet. (cross between Ellie May from Beverly Hillbillies and Annie Oakley from Annie Get Your Gun)

Billy Bob Bumpkin (20’s-30’s, male) likeable but goofy country bumpkin, innocently charms the ladies with his good looks. (like Jethro Boudine from Beverly Hillbillies)

Rehearsals Mon, Tue, Thur, and some Saturdays June 8 – July 2, 7-10pm in Fort Worth. Shows at various restaurants in the DFW area Sun afternoon, Mon and Tue nights.

Restaurants are booked 20 – 30 miles apart to avoid competition. (Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Irving)

Job for actors in the DFW area

Pay is actor’s tips, which include helping serve

What We Do:
Greet guests in character as they arrive
Seat guests / Welcome
Sc 1 / break to serve Salad
Sc 2-Murder happens / break, bus & serve Entrée
Sc 3-Interrogation / break, bus & serve dessert / guests vote on ‘whodunnit’
Sc 4-Resolution
Clean up (tips distributed)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Fort Worth, Texas
Please submit to: Please call 817-229-4556 for an audition appointmenmt.

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