New Celebrity Court Show is Casting People in a Dispute – Los Angeles

New court show needs litigants. Looking to sue someone? Have a celebrity judge decide.

A new court show is now casting litigants. The show is being produced by the folks behind “Wipeout” and adds a celebrity twist to the court drama. The judge in the courtroom will be a celebrity. If you have been wanting to sue someone you know… a relative, friend, co-worker or roommate and are willing to let a celebrity decide the outcome… check this out.

The show offers a bit of a win-win situation for both sides involved. If you are a plaintiff and win the case, you will not need to worry about collecting the money from the defendant because the show will pay you. If you are a defendant and you lose…. you will not need to pay the settlement amount because the show will cover it and both sides will get paid for their appearances.

If you are looking to take someone to small claims, you can apply to have your dispute settled on the show.

Folks applying will be limited to the California small claims amount of $5000. The show will be filming in the Los Angeles area and people applying for the show must live in the L.A. area or be able to get to the L.A. area for filming.

Please see the flier below for all the details.

court show casting

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