Open Casting Call for Tom Cruise Movie “Mena” in GA – Talent of All Ages


A new movie is about to begin filming in Georgia and there is an upcoming open casting call to fill small roles in the production.

If you live around the Atlanta, GA area and would love a chance to appear in a movie starring Tom Cruise, read on because your chance is coming up this weekend.

Doug Liman will be directing the period piece which is set in the 70’s and 80’s. Central Casting is looking for folks available to work as paid movie extras this summer and are specifically looking for people who have timeless or non-contemporary looks. An open casting call is scheduled for Saturday, the 9th and will be held at Ball Ground, GA. Central is seeking to fill a variety of roles including roles for toddlers, kids and teens of all ages. They are especially interested in folks who have a South American look as much of the film is set in South America. “Mena”  will be filming May through July 2015 in Georgia.

Mena”  will be directed by Doug Liman and is written by newcomer Gary Spinelli.  Tom Cruise will be starring in “Mena“, a thriller about a pilot caught up in the Iran Contra Scandal that took place during the 70’s and  80’s. Doug Liman and Tom Cruise are reuniting on the Universal Pictures project. The pair worked together on the sci-fi film “Edge of Tomorrow”.   According to the projects IMDB page, Cruise plays an ex Navy Seal and a fired TWA pilot who gets caught up in a government plot that involves smuggling drugs into the US and selling illegal weapons.  In “Mena” Cruise will play a pilot who gets recruited by the CIA  to smuggle drugs out of South America.  The film is set during the 80?s, a time when US government officials went against an embargo and secretly sold weapons to Iran. To fund the endeavor, the US officials were involved in drug smuggling operations.  

Tom Cruise film Mena now casting in Atlanta

A DOUG LIMAN FILM starring TOM CRUISE is looking for PAID BACKGROUND ACTORS in ATLANTA and in BALL GROUND and it’s surrounding areas, for a Hollywood movie filming mid May-July.

This is a period film set in the U.S and South America in the 1970s and 1980s, so we’re specifically looking for men and women with non-contemporary looks.

Looking for:
People to portray South American types
Military and Government types
Minors 1 yrs-17 yrs old
People with cars that are in good-great condition and was made between 1975-1985
Ball Ground townspeople to portray 18-80 yrs old

Saturday, May 9th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Gospel Outreach Church 853 Mineral Springs Rd Ball Ground, GA 30107

Please bring:
Production is requiring all background to complete an I-9 form. Please bring I-9 documents as you will be required to complete an I-9 form at the open casting call. Please visit the Homeland Security Website for the listing of acceptable I-9 identification needed to complete the form.

Those who can’t make it to the open call can still apply for the roles. Please see this page for info on how to apply online.

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