Open Casting Calls Announced for History Channel’s “Vikings”


The 2016 season of Vikings, season 4, is beginning production this spring and there will be 3 open casting calls for extras to appear in the show.

Vikings films in Ireland and will be holding 2 casting calls in Dublin as well as one in Wicklow. The show’s casting directors are seeking 1000’s of extras to work on the show, the production says the number is about 8000… so we know there will be some wicked battle scenes coming up. The show is seeking extras of all ethnicities ages 16 and over in the area.

The show will begin production in April and will continue production into December of 2015. All extras applying must be local to Ireland and have a flexible schedule which would make them available to be on set, sometimes on short notice. No appointment or registration is necessary. Talent interested in appearing on the 2016 season of “Vikings” just needs to attend one of the open calls. There is no need to bring a photo as photos will be taken at the event. Currently, they are seeking all types. More specific calls may be issued as filming begins.

Vikings season 4 extras casting call

Last year  the site Screenrant offered up some insight into what may come is season 4. In an interview with Michael Hirst, Hirst talked about “Vikings” season 4. He talked about the trip to Essex which is in the current season and mentioned that the group will be headed to Paris in the current season which will spill over into season 4 of Vikings. The History Channel also has an interview with Michael Hirst where he mentions that season 4 (2016) will continue the storyline beginning in season 3.

When we go to Paris, we meet the French Emperor, whose the grandson of the great Charlemagne and his daughter. They’re both very important, because this is a story-line that isn’t going to go away. It’s a story that will go right through season 3 and then straight into season 4. It will have a huge impact on several of our leading characters.

Casting call for Vikings season 4 announced

If you live in Ireland and are a huge fan of Vikings, here is your chance to get in on the battles. The show will have 3 open calls total. They will be in Dublin for 2 days and Wicklow for 1. See all the information below for the full details on how to apply.


FILMBASE, Curved St, Temple Bar, D2
Tuesday 31st March 2015 between 9.30am -4.30pm
Wednesday 1st April 2015 between 9.30am – 5pm

The Grand Hotel, Abbey St, Wicklow Town
Tuesday 7th April between 10am – 6pm

Our Open Casting days are open to adults of all ethnic backgrounds. Please refer to our EVENTS page for further information and some points/tips for the day. Please Share this link to others who you think may be interested or may know somebody who is.

Many Thanks and Good Luck!

– This is mainly for adults aged 16yrs +
– It is for people from all ethnic backgrounds
– You DO NOT need an appointment
– You only need to attend one of the days to apply
– You will be asked to fill out an application form, which we will give you upon arrival
– We will take a photo of each person when there
– Please only attend if you wish to apply, time is limited and we want to give everyone genuinely wishing to apply a chance. You will be asked to leave if you are just hanging out with friends
– The process will only take about 20x mins

You need to be a full time resident in Ireland. We will be filming mostly in the Dublin and Wicklow areas and when we call for work/fittings, notice can sometimes be very short so availability should be good
– Please know, bring along all your measurements e.g. your Height, Chest, Dress, Shoe sizes etc. as you will be asked to put these all on the application form
– You do not need to bring an additional CV or Headshots along, but we will accept them if you wish
– In terms of specific skills or appearances we are after Fishermen, Metal Workers, Carpenters, Craftspeople, Farmworkers, Axe Men/Women, Skilled swords people, M&F Archers, Bowmen & Women, M&F Rowers,

M&F Sailors, Ship hands & Deckhands, Calligraphers, Latin Speakers, Musicians, Midwives, Nurses, Animal Handlers, Hunters, Blacksmiths, Lumber Jacks, Tree Surgeons, Whittlers, Males with long hair and Beards, Over 6ft sporty types, No visible tattoos, Women with naturally coloured hair, all men prepared to grow hair and beards, Men and women with punk style haircuts. This is far from a definitive list but it gives you an idea of how broad our search is so have a think beforehand and bring as much information about yourself as you can.
– We will begin filming end of April and run through to December
– We require at minimum of 8000 extras
– All jobs are casual/temporary
– If you arrive late we cannot permit entry as we have only hired the venues out for a set amount of hours and need to vacate the premises at said times
– If selected we may call people anytime between now and end of filming
– When called, we will discuss dates of filming with people and ask you to come out to the studio for fittings before filming
– To give yourself a better chance. Please fill out the application forms fully and correctly!

The current season of “Vikings” is airing now and season 4 will premiere in early 2016, on The History Channel.

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19 thoughts on “Open Casting Calls Announced for History Channel’s “Vikings”

  1. Stefanie Nicke

    Hi, I live in Germany. So if you filming someday in Germany (Haithabu), it would be a pleasure to me to be a part of “Vikings”.

    Kind regards

  2. Dave Bresnahan

    I am Irish, but travel to America frequently for filming. I’ll be in Ireland starting in June for the filming of “famine” in which I have a supporting role. I cannot be there to apply in person, but my cousin can bring my headshot and resume and fill out forms in Wicklow. I will be local and available starting in June, but cannot be there now because I am filming a pilot in Salt Lake City for ABC.

    I’d love to be an extra in Vikings! And it would give me a good reason to stay in Ireland for the summer.


  3. Arijan Aj Dizdarevic

    Arijan Aj Dizdarevic

    Former Child Genocide War Survivor / Model / Actor / Car Designer /Youtube Partner Because of My Video Stop Abuse Against Women and Children, inspired by my mothers life changing events and mine as well being abused and bullied growing up. I highly believe I would be a perfect fit for a role because of my unique looks and my out going personality. I am 5’11 Brown/black hair with Brown eyes, Location St. Louis Mo, Height 5’11 Weight 165, well fit body with two tattoos, one on my chest and my left arm half of it is a Tribe tattoo that stands for “Struggle of Life” resembling what I have been through growing up. My instagram / Twitter / Facebook is @MrEuropeanTv

  4. David Norman

    HI, No visible tattoos? but make up covers tattoos on actors all the time, 90% of famous actors have tattoos on their wrist, shoulder,etc… and they are not visible in films,etc… Armour covers an arm so I do not really see the point… It’s not like its summer and warm in the series. I speak Spanish and English, native and perfect, always had crazy haircut half shaved and half long, played with katanas and axes all my life, martial arts skills and could not get a part as an extra because I have an arm tattooed? anyway, thank you for your time.

  5. Livet

    I have 2 questions:
    Will there be a need of extras in France?
    I’m a young sound engineer looking for a new collaboration in sound post production (especially sound editing), where can I send my resume and get a chance to work on this amazing show?

  6. Ludovic

    I live in Cork, 4 years experience in medieval sword fight.
    Should I try, or is it too far from Dublin?


    Hello Erica,

    I have understood that the cast is reserved to persons who reside in Ireland.

    I am French and I wanted to know if there is an email address to send you some pictures.

    thank you

    1. erica Post author

      Pictures would need to be sent to the productions casting directors. This is an extras call which is why it must be all locals who apply.

  8. Feras mosleh

    Can they accept video auditions from canada?

    1. erica Post author

      NO, this is for extras, so no video auditions accepted because auditions are not needed. They only want locals as well due to short notice on call times… as in, can you be on-set in an hour.

  9. chanda

    What location will the Vikings Casting will be held?

    1. erica Post author

      it is on the post…


      FILMBASE, Curved St, Temple Bar, D2
      Tuesday 31st March 2015 between 9.30am -4.30pm
      Wednesday 1st April 2015 between 9.30am – 5pm

      The Grand Hotel, Abbey St, Wicklow Town
      Tuesday 7th April between 10am – 6pm

      1. Feras mosleh

        Will there be any auditions for main roles? And if there is, can we send video tape auditions if we live outside of Dublin? I would love to give a shot to play Athelstans son in the show. I am told I look similar to athelstan and I have some acting experience as well!

        Feras mosleh

        1. erica Post author

          Lead / main roles are cast through acting agents so you would need to have your agent submit you for those. Vikings just had some large open casting calls a few weeks back for season 4 so it is unlikely that they will be hosting any more open calls for this season.

  10. shashikant chourasiya

    I have talent, so please give me a chance.

    1. James McCarthy

      I have been a Vikings extra for season 2 and 3, I have T.V and film experience as an electrician. I would love the opportunity to perform as a main actor. I know the main characters well. Catherine Winnock, Travis Kimmel, Clive Standon could be used as references for me.
      Kind regards


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