Rush Call for SAG Short Film, Lead Role in Lost Girls in L.A. Area

Auditions for the Lead role of Marisol in SAG short film.

Seeking an actress that is 18+ who is able to play a 15 to 16 year old for a SAG Short Film starring Marisol Nichols, last day of auditions is tomorrow. This is filming in the L.A. area.

Lost Girls stars Marisol Nichols, Bar Paly, Jamie Harris and Sienna Goines.

The film is about a teenage girl sold to sex traffickers, struggles with shame, her faith and self-acceptance.

Human trafficking is a worldwide problem, 2 million children are abducted from their homes and sold sex trafficking every year. Does it feel far from home? 300,000 American-born children are trafficked annually in the United States.

Seeking to cast the following roles:

Lead Role- Latina Legal 18, to believably play age 15. (no nudity)

[MARISOL] LEAD- Legal 18 to play 15-16, HAS TO REALLY LOOK 15. Female, Hispanic. Beautiful, sweet and conservative, but not afraid to fight back if she feels she’s been cornered. Marisol is raised by a strict, conservative mother. She wants to be a ‘normal’ girl, be able to make up, wear fancy clothes and have fun. Till she finds herself trafficked all she wants then is to find out how she got there and how to get out… (LEAD) – WORKS 5 DAYS Submit ASAP (Immediately) and include reel OR a 30 second clip shot on your phone, telling a little bit about yourself and what you like to do when you’re not acting.

auditions in L.A. for SAG film

No heavy makeup and please don’t wear black or dark makeup in 30-second interview clip. SAG Short Film Rate

Please submit ASAP to receive sides and audition on 4/23.

Shoots 4/30. Five day shoot for this role.

Submit ASAP to:


Please apply ASAP as today is the last day to submit for this role.

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