Spike’s “Coaching Bad” Now Casting

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Seems like “Coaching Bad” may be coming back for another season on Spike. The show is now casting…well, bad coaches.

Spike TV’s newest reality series Coaching Bad goes behind the scenes of kid’s athletics. We all know the common stereotype of the angry, screaming coaches….well, this series is looking to give those coaches some counseling and anger management techniques. The show is kinda like Dance Moms, but with football, softball and other sports.

The show is definitely full of drama. In the series premiere, The coaches start their new anger management program and tempers flare almost immediately. One coach ends up in an ambulance and others are ready to hit the road and the show.

Coaching Bad” showcases NFL superstar Ray Lewis and anger management specialist Dr. Christian Conte as they put 9 coaches through an intense program to change their combative ways. Need some help from Ray Lewis & Dr. Conte? You are in luck because the show is casting nationwide.

coaching bad casting call

According to Spike TV… Good coaches motivate us, inspire us, and teach us the skills to win. However, there is a growing epidemic of coaches with uncontrollable anger issues spreading across today’s sports landscape. From Bobby Knight to Mike Rice, too many men and women coaching American athletes, of all ages, often cross the line in what is acceptable behavior on the sidelines or in the dugout. Spike TV has brought together NFL legend Ray Lewis and acclaimed anger management specialist and author Dr. Christian Conte to tackle bad coaching and anger management head on in the new original series, “Coaching Bad.

Interested in applying for the show? See this page here.

Want to see Ray Lewis put these coaches back in their place… you can watch new episodes of the show Sunday nights on Spike.

casting call for Spike "Coaching Bad"

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