Student Film in Sarasota FL Seeks Cast

Ringling College of Art and Design auditions for student film final

Location: Sarasota, FL

Type: Student Films


Comedic student short film.

Josh (18) is in the middle of taking his last final in high school when suddenly his pencil snaps. Of course he forgot to bring any extra and is forced to quietly ask the people around him for extras. Unfortunately, his abrasive moderator, Ms. Meyers, catches him and believes him to be cheating. Josh is sent to the principal’s office and loses all hope of gaining an academic scholarship for college. While waiting to meet with the principal, he meets Annie (17), a very bubbly student who, after much convincing, agrees to help with Josh’s situation.


JOSH Male, Age Range: 16-21 (look high school), Any Ethnicity.
Tries to act like he’s calm about everything when really he’s freaking out on the inside. Doesn’t want to appear to be trying too hard.

ANNIE Female, Age Range: 15-20 (look high school), Any Ethnicity.
Has a very bubbly personality and is not afraid to say it like it is, even to people she has just met. Does not want to appear to get anything she wants at school because she’s the
principal’s daughter

MS. MEYERS Female, Age Range: 45-60, Any Ethnicity.
The classic spinster looking teacher that we all dreaded having in school. An extreme rule follower and doesn’t care what the “guilty” party has to say.

MRS. DANSWORTH Female, Age Range: 45-50, Any Ethnicity (similar to Josh)
Wants only the best for her son but tries not to put pressure on him.

MR. DANSWORTH Male, Age Range: 45-50, Any Ethnicity (similar to Josh)
Stands by his wife and also wants everything for his son, but is very relaxed and tries to keep things upbeat in the house.

SECRETARY Female, Age Range: 25-30, Any Ethnicity
Only says a few lines. First job right out of college.

STUDENTS Any gender, Age Range: 15-21, Any Ethnicity
Sit in classroom and take test. Walk through hallway.
Please contact the director if you are interested or have any questions or concerns.

Casting Call pdf

Lauren Sobczak

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Sarasota, FL
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