Super Mario Bros. Indie Project Seeks Actress

Super Mario Numb3rs – Female part

Location: nationwide

Type: Other Projects

For this project, I’m looking for someone to provide the role of one of the main villains: Xaria. (Pronounced as “Zaria”)

She is wants to gain 13 orbs in order to create a blood moon. She’s your typical insane villain character who wants to rule the world.

Your audition is simple. Just e-mail me a video of yourself reading out the Xaria’s lines from the scene below:

Sonic: So, this is your realm. But it is also a trap. My question is this, how will you get out?
Xaria: The same way I got in.
Ash: Don’t worry guys. I could…
*Xaria disappears and reappears at Ash. She grabs his arm*
Xaria: Go back in time? I figured out how you got away and got in front of me. It is this bracelet, isn’t it?
*Xaria grabs the bracelet and crushes it in her hands*
Everyone: No!
Xaria: There, no more powers over time.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Tim Lemmens

Indie voice over project

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