Web Series Pilot “Arched Wing” Seeks Cast in Seattle, Washington

Arched Wing Web Series Pilot

Location: Seattle

Type: TV Pilots

Story-Line: a teen girl must team up with twin demon brothers, and a group of paranormal creatures to stop the rise of the second devil.

Arched Wing Pilot
Audition Location: South Union #860
10030 Tilley Rd. S., Olympia

Audition Time Starts: 9 AM
Audition Time Ends: No new sign ups after 4:30 PM (unless already booked for a time after that)

Audition Date: Jan 6th, 2016

Audition Instructions

1.  Those who have already signed up for an audition time have priority at the time they are signed up for over walk-in auditioning talent.

2. You must bring the audition sides for the role (s) you are readying for, and an audition application, both of which you can find with the buttons below these directions. If you do not have them you will not be able to apply.

3. Call backs for the roles of Samantha/Katherine, Falcon/Dru/Belthazar, and Christian will be held the same date at 5PM.  If you are applying for those roles make sure you’ll be able to also make call backs should you get a call back.
?4. There will be audition slots every five min from 9 AM until 4:30 PM. There will be two openings for each five min slot.

5. Walk-In auditioning talent will have to sign in on the wait list. They will be called for openings in the order they are listed, as openings arise. To view the most openings, you can view the “audition call sheet” button. All names are blocked out, all you can see is openings with and without talent booked.

6. You must fit the specs for a role to audition for it. We are only auditioning the pilot roles one this date, unless you have otherwise already made arrangements with the casting director to also/or audition for roles in episodes 2 onward.

Arched Wing Washington
Pilot Roles

Role: Samantha/Katherine
Samantha is a character who is 18 in the story, so the actress should be able to look that age. Samantha is a spunky and fresh character. She is brave, talks back, and fearless – both in her personality and her slightly punk/rock attire. It isn’t required that the actress be punk rock, have gauges, piercings, or tattoos. We will be putting purple dye in streak into her hair. She has kissing scenes. $100 assignment.

?Kissing Scenes.
Role: Bonnie-Kate
Bonnie-Kate is an evil woman who is possessed by a demon. $30 assignment.

Roles: Mass 1, Mass 2
Massive man attacking female star. $30 assignment.

Role: Feudal Man
Feudal man in a feudal costume who is beating the past life self of the female star to death. $30 assignment.

Role: Young Christian
The youngest self of Christian.

Role: Falcon/Dru/Belthazar
Falcon/DruIdentical twin brothers, played by the same person (with occasional stand in from behind) Falcon is a man cursed to be a half demon, he is fighting good and evil. Dru is a Templar Knight who is so noble it hurts. Kissing scenes. $100 assignment.

Role: Christian
The second female lead in the series. She is Dru’s Templar Knight partner. She loves him, he thinks of her as a kid. She was saved and raised by him (he is immortal). Kissing scenes. $40 Assignment

Role: Odette T’ntch
Odette is a demon who feels she was wronged, she wants to become the second devil and will do anything to get there – no matter who she hurts or kills. $30 assignment.

Role: Priest
A priest who works for the COS (a part of the FBI that hunts supernatural creatures) he grants people the title of Templar Knight and bind partners together. $20 assignment


For scripts, sides, and application visit http://featherlessproductions.weebly.com/jobscasting.html

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Seattle
Please submit to: featherlessproductions@gmail.com by 2016-01-06

This casting notice was posted by: Katherine Petersdorf, Featherless Productions

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