West Virginia / Kentucky Casting Call For Student Film

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Lord of the Dimensions

Location: West Virginia

Type: Student Films

Movie adaptation of the book by Elisabeth Ross. A young girl, Lynn, and her best friend Anthony have the special ability to travel between dimensions. All is well until the greatest dimension traveler, known as the prime, along with his best friend disappear. Mr. Alexander, the mysterious dimension lord calls upon Lynn and Anthony to find them and bring them to him. There are many twists when the dimension lord turns out not to be who he said he was.

Lynn, the main character, is a young girl who has long dark hair. The character is diagnosed with social anxiety, but her symptoms vanish when she’s doing what she loves-traveling the dimensions.She can be very confident and extremely funny. Age range 14-17.

Anthony, Lynn’s best friend, has short, dark blonde hair. Clumsy, tall, scrawny, and can come off as dumb or stupid at times. Loves food, maybe a little too much. Age range 14-17

Quinton, the oldest and maybe most mature of the group. The prime dimension traveler. He may be more mature than the others, but he still has his moments. Dark hair, sort of long, falls in his face a bit. Age range 14-17.

Scott, Quinton’s friend, and the one who goes missing. Slightly clumsy, but very confident, almost coming off as arrogant. Dark hair. Age range 14-17.

Keely, age range 17-22. Very beautiful. Blonde hair. Short. Married to Benny.

Benny, age range 17-20. Funny, kind of dumb. Dark hair. Obsessed with his pet cat. Married to Keely.

Stella, a friend of Lynn’s that she met while traveling the dimensions. Blonde hair. Very strong, independent, confident, smart. Age range 14-17.

Mr. Alexander, the dimension lord. Mysterious and confident. Very evil. Dark short hair. Age range 16-22.

Cassandra, Mr. Alexander’s assistant. Long bleach blonde hair. Wears glasses. Age range 14-17.

Colin, Mr. Alexander’s assistant. Blonde hair. Arrogant. Age range 16-19.

Since casting minors, we would like for the parents/guardians to join us on set. In case that cannot be accomplished, there will be other adults on set.

We will be filming in and around Huntington, WV. Trips outside this area may include Ashland, KY, Charleston, WV, Ironton, OH, and other places around the tri-state area.

Payment rate is little to none, depending on how popular the project becomes.

Our companies are known as NonSense Productions, which has been producing short films since 2011, and Chandler Morton Lives Productions, which is choosing us as their first project.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Nationwide
Please submit to: elisabethjross@yahoo.com by 2015-02-20

This casting notice was posted by: Chandler Morton Lives Productions

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  1. Maria Collins

    HI, I’m maria and I meet all the requirements for the part of Cassandra. I live in Clay, WV

  2. Maria ramey

    Hi, my name is Maria. I have long dark brown hair and I am 12 but I look much older and I am very Mature. I would like to try out to be Lynn.

  3. Tyler Wilson

    I am 19. I have a blonde Mohawk, I look young though, I can act. Looking for a chance

  4. Elijah Fernandez

    My name is Elijah, I am 14 years old with dark brown hair and live in West Virginia. I have a good personality, and very out-going.

    1. Skye

      My name is skye , I live in Ashland KY. I’m 15. I have dark brown hair and eyes. I have a small amount of theater experience.

  5. Jessica Mooney

    I’m Jessica, I live in West Virginia! I have long dark hair, I am 19 years old but I look very young.

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