Acting Auditions in Dallas Texas for Indie Dark Comedy “One For All”

One for All

Location: Dallas, TX

Type: Film

“One for All” is a dark but hilarious look into the lives and big moment for a couple who is on the brink. Joined by friends, Bo and Sara check their motives and future while sharing a meal.


BO – 20s-30s, black, hardworking ad exec, athletic build
Bo puts others first, often positioning himself in the background as support, when he just as easily could grab attention wherever he goes. With Sara, Bo is content to be the pillar counterpoint to her dominant personality. Bo currently has been offered a prestigious position that requires him to relocate. He, at one point or another, has sacrificed himself for the betterment of everyone else in his life. Now, he must choose either his dream job or his relationship with Sara.

TYSON – Popular corporate man, athletic build, married to Liz
Tyson seeks corporate success in order to give his college sweetheart, Liz, the life of which he thinks she’s always dreamed. Frat boy and binge drinker in college. These days, Tyson only lets loose on very special occasions. He’s grown past the partier stage. Currently, he’s more concerned with building a life with Liz and saving for a house down payment.

LIZ – Quick-witted, adventurous, social butterfly
Liz is the one in the group who always will be up for a girls’ night out, or hanging at the bar for good and bad times. Liz is married to Tyson, her college sweetheart.

LEON – Womanizer who is falling for Nissy
Leon talks to multiple women by rule. He never wants to get caught catching feelings as he doesn’t trust women. An actor, Leon spends his days doing odd jobs to pay the rent. At night he disappears and does not like to be seen in public with just one woman. Leon also has a thing for women who have a tad too much crazy for everyone else. Though he’s attracted to Nissy, he never would admit it.

NISSY – Successful hairdresser who knows a thing or two about everything but love
Nissy focused more on her career than her love life. Was raised by a mom who attracted all the wrong men, including her dad. Grew up hating men who like to sleep around. Everything from Nissy’s demeanor to her political views says, “She has it all already.”

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dallas, TX
Please submit to: by 2016-11-20

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