Acting Auditions in Memphis, Tennessee for Stage Play “Dealing with the Devil”


Dealing with the Devil

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Blue Wolf Productions is holding a casting call!   

We need 
1)  Caucasian men of various builds ages 18 and older to fill a number of roles.
2)  An African American Male, various ages and builds will fit this character.
3)  An African American female, 20—30s, attractive.
4)  A Caucasian American female, 20s—30s, attractive.

We are holding rehearsals at the Caritas Village Community Center located at 2509 Harvard Ave Memphis, TN 38112; on Wednesday’s at 6pm and Saturday’s at  9:30am and Wednesday’s at 6pm.  Just take Sam Cooper, left on N. Hollywood, and left on Harvard.  We’ll be upstairs.

A preview of the story:

The year is 1920.  In the racially divided southern United States lies a quaint town, Pleasant Creek.  Pleasant Creek is a peaceful place where the residents live out their daily lives.  Some partake in work and church, while others prefer listening to the blues and gambling at the local juke joint.  Everything is fine until a heinous crime is committed.  Now it’s up to the sheriff to find out what happened, and get to the bottom of things before civil unrest occurs.  We present

Dealing with the Devil

Written by Claudette Jackson and Anthony Bridgeforth.
Based on a short story by Robert Weinberg

The compensation/pay structure is deferred and based on each performances revenue.  The cast and crew will receive credit, a copy of the dvd from performances and auditions, a head shot, as well as 33% of the total revenue of each production.  For example if the first show brings in a total revenue of $6,000; $2,000 would go towards paying the cast and crew.  If the cast/crew is roughly 20 people than the average cast/crew member would receive $100 or roughly 1.6% of the total  revenue with slight variation depending on the amount of work put in by the individual cast/crew member.  In short the more money we make the more you make.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Memphis, Tennessee
Please submit to:

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    1. Blue Wolf Productions

      Feel free to come out to our rehearsal if you fit the requirements. Otherwise email your interest and a picture. We occasionally have openings.


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