Actors for 2 Stage Plays in Philadelphia, PA


“Beguile” & “The Follow”

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Festivals


A woman stuck in a loveless one ended marriage finally allows all the pain of her deceiving husband to take over. A young girl, Martha, scarred by the events that took place in her home, seeks nothing but revenge, even if it takes decades. A dedicated journalist, Leslie, simply trying to get an interview with Martha about what happened the night her mother murdered her husband and his mistress in cold blood.

A love story much like any other, two hearts longing to be together while one lost soul trying to drive them apart. Lost souls believing they are meant to be with one person for all of life and after, it is written in their blood. Will their love be strong enough to overcome what lies ahead?

We are especially seeking performers with a diverse look for ALL ROLES listed below.

Auditioning for the following roles:


Martha (mid 30’s): Mentally unstable lady that is suffering from traumatic past events. She knows how to control feelings and manipulate others.

Young Martha (between ages 6-12): Young Child in the middle of her parent’s separation. All Ethnicities.

Leslie (mid 20’s): Diligent worker. Dedicated and keen but at the same time lonely. Ages 18-30 All Ethnicities.

Care Taker (mid 20’s): Nurturing and careful, she watches out for Martha’s well-being while looking out for her own. All Ethnicities.

Mistress (mid 20’s): Understanding and wanting to cater to Steve’s every need. Desperately trying to have Steve to herself. All Ethnicities.

Barbara (mid 30’s): Martha’s mother; is manic-depressive and controlling over Steve. Their separation has become an excuse for her alcohol addiction. All Ethnicities.

Steve (mid 30’s): Martha’s father; Rational and guilty about the infidelity. Also guilty of having to put Martha in the middle of the separation. All Ethnicities.

Mr. Coleman (mid 30’s): Leslie’s boss; Asshole and impatient. All Ethnicities.


Venus (early 20’s): She will take any risk to see her beloved. Her inattentive tendencies get the best of her. All Ethnicities.

Athen (early 20’s): Finally summoning the courage after all these years to confess his love for Venus. Instead of getting cold feet, he becomes too curious. All Ethnicities.

Adonis (mid 20’s): Fugitive on the run. There is no boundary he will not cross to see his beloved. All Ethnicities.

Must be at least 18 years of age. All minors must be accompanied by an Adult.

Actresses/Actors, please come prepared with a monologue of appropriate material for the role. Maximum Act 5 minutes.

Bring a current headshot and resume (If possible)

Please Register In Advance:
Email your First and Last name, Birthday, and Phone Number to

Thursday, January 5, 2016

1812 Productions Rehearsal Hall
2329 S. 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to: by 2017-01-03

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