Auditions in St. Louis for Speaking Roles in Indie Film


Where the trees hide the moon

Location: Saint louis mo

Type: Film

Roles are described. If you fit a certain role. Email me and I will give you sides and audition slot. If you live outside of Saint Louis we are accepting video submissions.

We are casting for a Feature Film to be shot in Saint Louis Mo in 2017 around March. Auditions are to be o January 8th in Saint Louis or submit video audition. Right now we are looking for supporting important roles. Please look at character descriptions before submitting interest.

Roles below:

Arjun- late 40s to early 60s, middle eastern
Arjun is Farouk’s uncle, he was depressed and attempted suicide. He tells Farouk exactly why he tried to kill himself, a turning point in the story.

Doreen- late 20s to early 40s, Jacob’s wife, white
Doreen is Jacob’s wife. She deals with Jacob’s being distant and not speaking but begins to get frustrated and saddened by it, her role is short but, emotional.

Rakim- 50s to 60s, middle eastern (long monologue/dialogue)

Mr. Morton- School teacher, any age
Firm grip on his classroom, commanding voice to begin the presentations, he introduces young Karl for an important piece of the story

Old Iranian Man- above 65, middle eastern (speaks farsi)
An old and wise man who is in charge of delivering a thematically relevant speech about Spring/Winter and its parallels to life. Great speaker, speaks farsi and commands respect, softly.

Young Karl- high school age, (must match Karl)
A tormented young man who delivers his controversial and thematically relevant presentation coldl y and precisely. (similar to weirdo from American Beauty)

Speaking Roles (minor)

Faceless man- 30s-40s, white

Fruit Vendor- 30-60 decent shape/rough but not bad looking

Young Rakim – 9-15 years old, middle eastern, speaks farsi Young mohsen – 9-15 years old, middle eastern, speaks farsi Jamal- 30s-40s, middle eastern, smoker

Jacob Jr. – 5-12 years old, white

Little girl 5-9 years old

Mormon 2- 18-25, young, white

Doctor – old enough to be a doctor, delivers bad news

Iranian Man 1 – middle eastern 20-50, playful attitude

Maman – old middle eastern woman above 65

Nabi – 40s-60s, middle eastern

Payment: Other
Pay is determined by funding

City or Location of call: Saint Louis MO
Please submit to: by 2017-01-03

This casting notice was posted by: KaRosel Productions

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