Audition for a Role in “Hamilton” – Open Call for Rappers Coming to Miami

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Open auditions in Miami for Hamilton: An American Musical.

Casting directors for “Hamilton” will be heading to Miami, Florida to hold open auditions for singers who rap. The show is looking to cast male and female singers / rappers for the currently running shows as well as upcoming productions.

The hit Broadway show, the national tour and the upcoming London company are seeking non-white performers to join the cast.  The show’s casting team will be meeting with performers in Miami on the 20th of this month at Florida International University Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center. Performers are asked to bring their sheet music, headshot and resume to the audition. No prior theater experience is required.  This particular audition is for the role of King George as well as ensemble dancers.

The show is also accepting online, video auditions from adult performers, singers, rappers and actors… who are interested in landing a role in either the touring companies or the Broadway show.

Hamilton musical cast

Hamilton: An American Musical”  is a hip hop musical exploring the life and times of post Revolutionary War America through a mix of rap, hip hop and pop music.   The Broadway hit is the brain child of Lin-Manuel Miranda and is described as a groundbreaking, one-for-the-ages tale of America’s founding fathers.  The show has won 11 Tony Awards including the award for best musical.  The show features an ethnically diverse cast and recently found itself in the middle of a controversy following a statement that was read on stage post the recent presidential elections. In 2017, the show will be coming to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the UK.




For rappers and singers that do not live in the Miami area, online video auditions are being accepted. Please  see the Hamilton website for more information.

We are seeking excellent performers for our current Broadway company and upcoming National Tours.

If you are an extremely skilled rapper, singer and actor, and are interested in being considered for our show, please send an email to:


Please include the following in your email:

A video via an unlisted YouTube link or Vimeo that includes: a brief (under 1 minute) pop/rock song that shows your vocal range and a brief rap (under 1 minute) that shows your skill level. Please have a piano accompany you.
A current picture and resume that includes your height and weight
Your location, contact information (cell phone # and email address) and your date of birth (if under 18)

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  1. Jerry F

    Non- White performers calls out as discriminatory… I here illegal words?

    I think you need to reconsider those words.

    1. erica

      I do not know why that is illegal? It is a casting call which means that casting directors try to find actors to fill the roles specified in the production which always include a type, a size, an ethnicity, an age, etc. That is the nature of casting. It is not that the production is discriminating, the production has a specific role, written for a certain character. The shows have other roles, but those are not up for grabs, this one is. Movies, theater, TV shows are about bringing something to life and all the characters involved. When a movie sets up a scene is South America and releases a casting for Latinos only, it is not discrimination against other ethnicities, it is what the scene calls for as you cannot cast blonde Caucasians and pass them off as South American. When doing a show set in Norway, maybe Vikings, you cannot cast Latinos, Asians, African Americans, Indians and pass them off as Northern villagers. You cannot do a Civil War film and cast white folks to play slaves. It is just casting the proper people for the roles to recreate the story. Hamilton is an ethnically diverse cast. They have released castings previously for many looks, types and ethnicities. This particular role is written as non-white and that is the writers artistic vision of this particular role. When other roles open up, they may have different specs. I once got a ton of negative commentary on a role in a commercial for a family of a certain ethnicity. People called it discrimination and wrote many nasty comments about it. What they did not realize was that the project originally sent out a casting call for ALL ethnicities, they had already cast most of the roles and had this final one to fill. Casting directors have the job of finding all sorts of performers for different roles and people should not jump to conclusions as different characters are cast at different times. Just my 2 cents.

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