Auditions for Teen Lead Role in Feature Film “Fam-i-ly” in Jackson, MS

Jackson Mississippi auditions

Lead male movie role –  teen boy to play “Dennis” in movie “Fam-i-ly”

The upcoming movie will be filming in the Jackson Mississippi area this coming spring 2017 and casting directors with Morgan Casting ane now holding auditions for a major role.

The lead role is open to both, teens with professional acting experience and those without. The film is seeking a teen boy ages 15 to 18 to play Dennis, a teen who is described as a mall rat who is a true sweetheart.

The deadline to apply is today!

Seeking Male Teen for LEAD role of DENNIS

For the new feature film FAM-I-LY, due to shoot in Jackson, MS in Feb/Mar 2017. Please have a read and pass along to anyone you think might be great. We are open to professional actors as well as those without representation and willing to give it a shot! We certainly love discovering new talent!
Feature Film: FAM-I-LY
SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Scale

FAM-I-LY is a coming of age story about an awkward 13 year-old girl who tries to run away from home to become a Juggalo, and the emotionally-stunted Aunt who is tasked with watching her for the week.

[DENNIS (“BABY JOKER”)] 15-18, Latino or any ethnicity. Mall rat. Dennis meets Maddie while working at the local gas station mini mart. Even though most people would call him a “scummer” because he has a rat tail and spends his time loitering outside Dollar General stores, Dennis is a true sweetheart. He looks out for Maddie and takes her under his wing. He always makes sure that his mom has a ride home from her job at the hospital when her knee is bugging her. Dennis listens to the band ICP and would call himself a “juggalo.” Ability to do spit-strings is a plus….LEAD
If your child is interested and fits the above specs, please do email us ASAP for consideration. We are open to all ethnic backgrounds.
Send a few photos + resume (if your child has one) to
Be sure to title your message with “Child’s name for DENNIS”

NOTE. If your agent has suggested you or you have already suggested on Actors Access PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US. This is only for those who have not been suggested via the above methods. Once again, please DO NOT email us if you have already submitted.

In the body of the message be sure to include the following info:
1. Child’s Name
2. Parent/s name/s:
3. Best contact number/s for family
4. Child’s age:
5. Current city/state in which you live
6. We would love a few photos please. If possible, one taken head and shoulders & one that is full length – the best you can do.

Submissions are due by no later than Mon NOV 21st at 10pm CST.
Thanks so much and please feel free to share and help spread the word! We would love to find our lead girl right here in our region!

Morgan Casting

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  1. Gabe Read

    I am a teenager and have acted for years! I am looking to get into a movie, and I have come across this one. I think this is the perfect fit for me. I am a cool guy who is able to act very well. I’ve had the opportunity to travel from acting. Would you be interested in emailing me for an audition?

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