Casting Performers of All Types for Orlando Victims Fundraiser Theater Project in NYC


Variety acts in NYC

Chromatico Lab Theater Project in New York City is now casting for performers and variety acts of all types to perform at a fundraiser to help victims of the Orlando attack.

The Orlando Victims Fundraiser will be held on June 25th at 7pm at 224 Waverly Place (West Village)

It will be an evening of monologues, stories, poems, songs, scenes and camaraderie towards those affected by this tragedy and the LGBT community that has been so hardly hit by this horrific event.

PERFORM for ORLANDO is Looking for all types of talent

Chromatico Lab is looking for talent of all disciplines and backgrounds for its upcoming event PERFORM FOR ORLANDO, a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack.

We are looking for diverse acts of all kinds: poems, songs, stories, drag, rap, monologues, scenes. Any performance act inspired and related to LGBT issues, gun violence, tolerance, equal rights and similar themes will be considered. We would love to see original material inspired by this tragedy but will consider any act that relates to it and the sense of community and harmony that we want to build through this event.

ACTS SHOULD BE AROUND 3-8 MINUTES. Will consider longer acts but for time reasons it will be harder to fit them in.

On Sunday one of our sanctuaries was savagely violated by hatred. Our aim is to reclaim our sense of community, safety and camaraderie through performance, while fundraising for the victims of this horrible tragedy and their families.

Chromatico Lab Theater Project is located in Brooklyn, NY.

To apply for the show, Send e-mail to chromaticolab theater at


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