Commercial Kids – Auditions for Kids in Toronto To Be in a Commercial Filming in Dominican Republic


Auditions for Kids in Toronto for TV commercial that will be filming in the Dominican Republic.

Toronto’s Jigsaw Casting will be holding auditions next week for siblings, kids between the ages of 5 and 12 to appear in a commercial which will feature the kids soaking up some sun. The spot is looking for any combination of siblings, brothers, sisters or brother and sister. Auditions will be held next week in Toronto and they will be by appointment only. The commercial will be filming in the Dominican Republic and will cover 1 parent as well to accompany the kids.

You must live in the Toronto, Ontario area in order to be considered for the commercial and you must be a resident of Canada. Auditions and callbacks will be by appointment only. Canadian parents interested in submitting their children to be considered for the commercial must follow the directions below to get the kid’s photos to the Casting directors who will then select certain families to attend the in person audition. Again, the auditions are invite only and only those selected will be contacted with information about the audition date, time and location.

The kids cast for the commercial will be paid $2500 each for the shoot.

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Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Is Seeking A Pair of Real Siblings For an Upcoming Tummy Medicine Campaign!

Ever thought on going on a trip to the Dominican Republic with the Kids? How about having your children in a commercial with soaking up the sun? Then this campaign is definitely for you!

SOC – REAL BROTHERS OR SISTERS: Age 5 – 12. For this campaign we are looking to cast a pair of siblings (any combination of brothers and or sisters). PLEASE NOTE: We will be accommodating 1 parent/guardian to accompany the children that are selected.

Pays approximately $2500 Per Child Selected

Details & Submission Information

If interested, you must submit in order to be invited in to audition.

Please e-mail the following to:
1. Your name, age and a brief bio your children
2. Photo(s) of your children (Where we can clearly see their faces. Ideally no hats or sunglasses)
3. Your primary contact information (phone number & email address) *If they are represented actors, please include their resume & agent’s contact information
4. Please write ‘PROJECT TUMMY’ in subject line of e-mail, along with their names and age. (E.G. PROJECT TUMMY- Johnny & Sammy Smith –age 10 & 12)

Submissions are due by: Tuesday, July 12th by 9am
You must be available for these key dates (in Toronto):


Please note that travel in & out dates are still TBD
Questions or Concerns

If you have already submitted for this project, you do not need to resubmit your information
Please note that you will not be compensated for the audition.
This is a non-union job
If you have received this bulletin after the initial audition date, please still email us your submission as you may be able to attend the recall audition

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