“Let’s Make A Deal” Now Casting in the Los Angeles Area


Let’s Make A Deal

Location: Los Angeles

Type: Reality TV

I am currently a contestant Producer for the CBS show “Let’s Make A Deal” and we are looking for people who are full of energy, have dynamic personalities, competitive gaming spirit, or are big personalities and are a lot of fun!

You have to be 21 and older to play. We love locals and people who are visiting from out of town as well.

You or your friends cannot have been on the show in the past few years or another game show for over a year.

If you or anyone you know who may be interested in the possibility of winning some potential money or big prizes, please submit!

Let's Make A Deal Los Angeles

Please submit with: names, ages, phone numbers, emails, occupations, hometown, interests/hobbies, quirky habits or hidden talents, favorite place to travel (cannot be same as hometown has to be a destination) and selfie or a headshot (in jpg format) of everyone. Also have everyone watch the show, learn the games and have a costume in mind.

No logos or trademarked items, nothing scantily clad, if you can’t decide they have a wardrobe dept that you can rent costumes there for 15-20 dollars. Everyone must have a lot of enthusiasm and high energy.

The show shoots in Hollywood, CA Wednesday – Saturday.



Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Los Angeles
Please submit to: natalie1111gsd@gmail.com by 2015-12-23

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7 thoughts on ““Let’s Make A Deal” Now Casting in the Los Angeles Area

  1. Rebecca Waddell

    I would love to be on your show Wayne Brady. I love having fun. I’ve never been out of Ohio, or on a vacation. It would be a dream come true to be on your show and meet the greatest Wayne Brady.

  2. Linda l Brown

    Just would love to have a life long dream to be on this show. I have just recently made a major move with my mom and son and I am so ready to MAKE A DEAL! CAN’T GO ANYWHERE BUT UP! THANK YOU! ALL I NEED IS A CHANCE.

  3. Venita Haynes

    Hi Natalie, I can hardly type this message. The idea of being on Lets Make a Deal is taking my breath away. I am literately holding my breath. Can’t wait to hear from you. Please give me a call.

  4. William Rowe

    Hello, my name is William Rowe and I always wanted to be on The game show Let’s Make A Deal.

  5. William Rowe

    Hello, I have always wanted to be on the show Let’s Make A Deal.


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