Minneapolis, MN Auditions for Indie Film “Daughter”

Casting Call for Independent Feature Film: DAUGHTER

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Type: Film

DAUGHTER is a tragedy with a fairy-tale aesthetic set in the woods of medieval Europe. After secretly saving his life, a young fugitive woman and a prestigious knight fall desperately in love. Due to external pressure and dark secrets, the young woman is forced to choose between the knight and new life, or her beloved mother and the old–and her fateful decision is crippling. Years later, after recounting her tragic love story to her young daughter, she is confronted by an unexpected twist of fate that revives her lost hopes and dreams–but only at the cost of profound tragedy. Ultimately, she learns that life and love are not always the beautiful fairytales we want them to be, and that sacrifice–no matter how devastating–is the only way to achieve a new beginning.


LEVEN (20s / female / caucasian / lead) – Leven is the main character. She is beautiful, slender, and graceful. Leven is highly introspective, wise, and considerate, and has a great capacity for love and empathy. She is devoted to her loved ones and always puts herself second. Leven can powerfully portray the extremes of both joy and despair. Her character is very moving and conveys the profound impact of love and life to the audience.

CAEDMAR (20s / male / caucasian / lead) – Caedmar is the knight/Leven’s lover. He is easy on the eyes and has a lean, athletic build. Caedmar is chivalrous and noble, but also pleasantly humble and self-deprecating. Caedmar is the perfect lover–devoted, empathetic, sweet, selfless, and protective. Caedmar’s character is intensely compelling and heart-wrenching to both Leven and the audience.

MOTHER (40s-50s / female / caucasian / supporting) – Mother is Leven’s mother. She is beautiful, slender, and rather youthful-looking. She is nurturing, selfless, and utterly dedicated to Leven; everything she does–no matter how extreme–is done to ensure Leven has a future better than her own. She is the embodiment of motherly love.

APRIL (3-5 / female / caucasian / supporting) – April is the daughter of Leven and Caedmar. She is very adorable, curious, and understanding. **A child with some sort of relationship to an actor auditioning for the parts of either Leven or Caedmar is preferable, but not required.**

GAVIN (20-40 / male / caucasian) – Gavin is a knight who appears briefly. Gavin does not like to stray away from duties, and he is essentially a metaphor to the tough reality of obligations in life. Actor must be comfortable riding on a walking horse.

I encourage anyone fitting a description to audition! No experience necessary. If you can deliver a powerful performance and are willing to go the extra mile, this film is right for you!

Date: April 16th and April 23th
Time: 10 am – 6:30 pm
Location: Woodbury, MN
Alternative Options: Auditions via skype can be arranged upon request if preferred!
To Audition: email daughtermovie@gmail.com (upon emailing, you will receive more information about the auditions and a link to the audition sign-up form)
More Info: 651-260-0533 or daughtermovie@gmail.com

Film Description: Narrative Feature Film
Genre: Drama/Romance/Tragedy
Film Length: 60 minutes
Shooting Schedule: June / July 2016 (exact dates TBD based upon actor availability)
Location of Shoot: Afton, Minnesota
Compensation: Low-Pay / Volunteer (Includes credit/meals for all, and room/board if desired).


Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Minneapolis, MN
Please submit to: daughtermovie@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Minna Thrall

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  1. Jenna Peters

    Hi, i’m Jenna and I have a youtube account so this would be good for me! I’m 14 but I would love to play April! I’m a girl by the way 🙂 hope I get the part.

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