NYC Auditions for Staged Play of “Shadow of a Doubt”


“Shadow Of Doubt” Produced by: Geoffrey JD Payne, Written by: Mariusz Kotowski


Reading will be taking place in the New York City area in February. Rehearsals and performances are TBD.

The play takes place in Nick’s Greenwich Village apartment. Nick is accused of killing a young actress, Evelyn Dickson. She tried to get a job in his latest picture that was her mistake. Nick’s past acts of violence make him the prime suspect of the murder.

Nick has developed a relationship with an actress, Kathryn Corvell. She is looking for an opportunity to further her career. She begins to fall in love with Nick. Their relationship is volatile, argumentative and heavily based on a powerful sexual chemistry. Their life together is a classic love/hate relationship that is difficult to understand.

His best friend, Eric Spitzer, a policeman, is not quite sure about Nick’s innocence. Julia, his wife, tells Kathryn about Nick’s past history of aggression and violence. Kathryn has second thoughts about her life with Nick.

The play is a story of accusation, searching for the truth and discovering the dark side of humans. “Shadow Of Doubt” Will have the audience questioning the differences between reality and assumptions. The characters in the play allow the actors to create powerful emotional performances that will stay in the audience’s memory for a long time.



EVELYN DICKSON: Actress, in her 30’s. She has come to New York to seek her big break and is trying to land a role in Nick’s next picture. She struggles to make a living while waiting for this opportunity.

MARTIN WOLF: Nick’s Agent, in his 50’s. He has a long history in the business and continues to promote Nick through tough times. He recognized Nick’s potential and guided him through his earlier successes. Martin is hanging on, so he tolerates Nick’s behavior while trying to resuscitate Nick’s career.

ERIC SPITZER: A friend of Nick’s, in his 40’s. He’s a policeman who follows the rules. Eric and Nick served in the military together, so they’ve known each other for a long time.

JULIA SPITZER: Eric’s wife, in her 30’s. She is a housewife who loves her husband. She reads tabloids and is enamored by TV and movie stars.

DETECTIVE ANDREWS: A female police chief, in her 40’s. She is in charge of the investigation of Evelyn Dickson’s murder. She’s a straight shooter looking for the truth. She doubts Nick’s innocence.

This reading is a NON-UNION project. NO PAY but Credit and consideration for future productions.


This is a great opportunity for aspiring artists to work established production team, and award winning writer.

Please submit Headshot and Resume to for consideration and appointment to audition.

Actors will be asked to do a cold reading from the script and perform a contemporary monologue.

Please note that the auditions and performances are taking place in New York City.

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