Open Auditions for New NBC LeBron James Game Show “The Wall”

By | August 20, 2016

Tryout for NBC The Wall.

LeBron James and NBC are teaming up for a brand new game show where contestants can potentially win “millions.”

The series is now casting teams of 2 from all over the United States. Those wanting to tryout for “The Wall” may either attend one of the open casting calls scheduled for next month or audition online.  The show is looking to cast teams of 2 of all kinds, couples, cousins, siblings, etc.  Those cast for the show will have a chance to win some serious cash.

The Wall” will be hosted by Walking Dead’s talk show “Talking Dead” and  @midnight host, Chris Hardwick. According to THR, the series is being produced by LeBron James’ and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment and Glassman Media. Chris Hardwick is also named as one of the show’s executive producers. While the actual amount of cash that is up for grabs on the new series has not been announced, the show does describe the amount as “life changing” and has stated that NBC will potentially be giving away millions. The actual amount will be determined by the game.

The Wall”  is described as a Price is Right Plinko type game where balls are dropped over a large board of pegs, falling through the pegs until the ball comes to rest in a slot which will be marked with a prize amount.

The Wall

While “The Wall” is yet to premiere, the series is already casting for season 2. Host Chris Hardwick commented “I love game shows, and partnering with LeBron James and NBC to potentially give away millions of dollars to people who deserve it is an incredible opportunity,” also adding, “I’m sorry, NBC, I’m hoping to give away a lot of your money.”

Lebron James, Chris Hardwick The Wall casting


Come audition for the game show from from LeBron James where regular people achieve their dreams! Packed with drama and action, this is a game that the entire family can root for together! We are searching for teams of two: Spouses, Siblings, Newlyweds,Cousins etc to play this epic game.

NBCs “The Wall” has open casting calls coming up on the East Coast. The show will be coming to multiple locations in Maryland, Philadelphia, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Illinois.

For those who do not live in any of the listed cities, online auditions are also available. Those wanting to audition online are asked to fill out a form which may be found on the show’s website. See the casting flyer below for more details.

Open casting calls for NBC The Wall

130 thoughts on “Open Auditions for New NBC LeBron James Game Show “The Wall”

  1. Elyse Muscato

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to possibly audition for this awesome game show.

  2. Elyse Muscato

    My husband and I would absolutely love to be contestants on The Wall. I am presently struggling to take care of my 94 year old mother who has also suffered an amputation of her right leg. She has also lost the use of her right arm due to a complex fracture. My son was in the U.S Army and suffered serious injuries due to combat deployments to Iraq. My youngest daughter has enlisted in the army as a combat medic. This show enables many deserving people to change their lives for the better. We greatly appreciate this and we sincerely hope we will be chosen.

  3. edward muscato

    The Wall would definitely be a life changing opportunity for me and my family. You wife has been caring get for her elderly mother who suffered a right leg amputation along with the loss of use of her right arm as well. We have 3 children, two daughters and one son. My youngest daughter is presently in the US army and my son was seriously injured in the army . My wife and I would love to be contestants on The Wall. We also appreciate how you enable families to change their lives for the better.

  4. Wyatt Mitchell

    Going on this show with my dad would make dreams come true. My family has taken mine and my brothers’ friends in to our home to help provide. Life and money were always stressful and a struggle, this would give my parents a chance to get everything they’ve ever wanted and/or deserved.

  5. jhony Dorismond`

    My wife is deserving of this, we got married in June 2001 and never got the chance to go on our honeymoon. We have two handsome boys and our priority was to fix our credit so we can be in a better position to buy a home for our family, within that year 9/11 happened and she lost her youngest brother. He was talking to his wife on the phone when the 1st plane hit the 92nd floor at the world trade center tower 1. I watch my wife go through an emotional roller coaster that year and every year when 9/11 memorial ceremony comes around , he was her best friend and one of my grooms men so you could imagine how hard it’s been.
    In all that she still managed to appear strong for her kids but inside she secretly is still hurting. In 2008 we finally realized our dream and bought our first home. Things were going pretty good until April , 2011. My job got outsourced to India. I figured if I was served lemons I would make lemonade with my time. I always wanted to do real estate so I went to school and all this time have been trying to become an entrepreneur. My wife, my back bone had supported me financially, emotionally and spiritually. In my book she gets an A+ for being a mother to my kids and the backbone to me. If you decide to select us to appear on THE WALL it is to give her a moment in time where she can be the focus of attention, if only for a moment. I thank you for listening.

  6. Judi Venturini

    BEING ON THE WALL WOULD BE A MIRACLE! I went through catastrophic changes in my life as the result of a diagnosis of Stage III Colon cancer in 2013. Not only did I loose my health. I lost my job, my savings, and my apartment as a result and almost ended up homeless. However with a lot of prayer and a strong faith, I was told I was cancer free and began to rebuild my life at the age of 67. Having loss all my financial means to retire, I am currently 69 and juggling my financial world, which means working at a little better than minimum wage job with no end in site. However I truly believe God has a bigger plan for me and I trust I will be blessed unconditionally. I have been a minister for 25 years and have served people unconditionally always trusting in the fact that “We reap what we sow.” When I saw The Wall I had goosebumps and I felt that this might be the door that opens a brighter future for me. Being on the Wall would allow me to retire and I would have the time to live my soul’s calling which is a dream that emerged through my own process with cancer, which is to support others as they maneuver through their cancer journey. I would love to go back to school to get a degree in Social Work so I than could volunteer in a hospital–perhaps St. Jude’s or Cancer Treatment Center’s of America. I have a good friend who has been at my side as I went back and forth to the hospitals, etc. Carol would make an excellent partner on the show. and I would love to bless her as well.

  7. Julie Murie

    The Wall is calling our name and blue is our “game”. My husband had a 30-year career as a police officer and I’ve just celebrated my 35th year in law enforcement. We have a son who’s a police sergeant, another son who served in the Air Force, and a third son who is an active member of the Air Force. Oddly enough, my husband and our sons have served/are serving at the rank of Sergeant in their respective careers. It’s our family tradition to serve a purpose larger than ourselves. My husband and I would like to be contestants so we can continue to “pay it forward” for many years to come.

  8. Tyler

    My name is tyler and I would love to have an opportunity to be on the wall. Reasons why is that my father has cancer and other health problems and I would love to be able to give him a less stressful day to day life. Also, my wife has health problems and it’s very stressful for us not knowing if we are going to be able to get the medication she needs and we have 2 amazing kids that help us everyday. I would just love to let them be kids and enjoy life, thank you.

  9. Darnell Mccallum

    My wife and I would love to be on the wall. Any money won would help us to raise our special needs grand son and his father who lives with us since his mother was killed last year, by her step father. He is a very special little boy who we love and would like to do great things for. This would also help us get his father back in school to finish his college education. We would love to be considered as contestants.

  10. Laryssa Whitfield

    I am a single mother (for right now) of 6 and will soon be the stepmother to 11 more. My fiance and I could really use the chance to be on the Wall for our kids futures. Better education and better living!

  11. Jeffrey R Dayon

    Would love to be on your show. I would love to take care of my Mom she is going to be 80 years old this year and she lives paycheck to paycheck as well as myself. So there is not a lot I can do to help her. Her medications are expensive and there are times she has to choose between meds or food and she does not want to burden me with it so she does not tell me and just goes without. Otherwise I would try and do what I could. Your game show could be a life changing experience for my family. We watch and record even episode. Love it. Thank you.

  12. Julia R Eversoll

    I would love to see my parents be selected to be on your show! My mom is very lucky when it comes to taking chances. My Dad on the other hand is very knowledgeable! He doesn’t like to gamble.

  13. Stacy VanElls

    To be on The Wall.. one word ” AMAZING” Newly married with 4 girls. As long as I come home with enough money to pay the babysitter 🙂 On a serious note it would be a lot of fun. My husband and I are a pretty good team but that would be a whole new challenge but an exciting one. I know watching the show I find myself jumping around with the players on T.V. what can I say I really get into it. Love the show. Best thing to hit T.V.

  14. Kirsten Sheldon

    I’m 48 and have been married for 15 years. I had eye surgery that left me legally blind but I do really well and i am blessed. I have not saved anyone or do any good deeds for the homeless or anything, but I would like to win enough money to help my mom take care of my sick dad. Buy land and put our homes next to each other….. I worry about my mom being alone with No one to speak to except my dad who is sick. Plus I love your game show so much. I made my husband take me out to dinner early for valentine’s day so we could be home by 7 to watch The Wall.
    Thank you.

  15. Andrew

    Hi my name is Andrew and I’m 12 years old. I’m a big fan of your show. My dad had just gone through 3 major Spinal surgeries in the last 8 mouths.

    1. Andrew

      Hi I’m Andrew Brady I’m 12 years old. My dad has just went though 3 major spinal surgeries in the last 8 months due to a medical mistake and my mom had just left us and I’ve been doing my best to help as he has been in major pain every day and night. He as done everything to make us happy given everything he has to keep our family together. It would just be amazing to have him on your show so he could be happy again and to see him get the much needed medical help he deserves and to be able to move closer to family as we don’t have any in Minnesota. He has been the best dad and supporter my wish is to be able to help him.

      Thank you for reading this and we love your show.

  16. Debra VanMeter

    Love the game! I’m a 55 yr old mother and son is 32 yrs old team.

  17. Debra VanMeter

    Love the game. Do they except a mother 55 years young and a son 32 years young?

  18. Carol whitsett

    I would also like to be a contestant on the wall game show. How the hell do you fill out the application that won’t down load, for real.

  19. Elana

    My sister and I would love the opportunity to play and win on this exciting, riveting new game show…. Don’t forget Las Vegas or Phoenix for 2017 The Wall casting call!

  20. Joan Slomczenski

    My husband and I would love to be on the game show. It would be a life changing experience. The game looks like such fun and totally a game of chance. We could do a lot with the money. College for our children. Then for sure we would donate to St. Jude’s. We have been very blessed to have 2 healthy children. I cannot imagine the stress and worry of having a child in need of medical attention. I think St. Jude’s is a life saver for many families, and would like to contribute to the cause. Please call us, we’re also a lot of fun and would be very entertaining. Thank you!

  21. Susan Simpson

    Hello: My husband and I watched your show for the first time and enjoyed it tremendously. We rarely watch television together because we both enjoy different shows. This new game show will for sure be something we will enjoy watching together. We’ve been married for 34 years and it would be amazing to be chosen to participate on your show. My husband is the brains in the family and I’m the organizer. Our 7 kids and 11 grandchildren would be shocked if we were picked?

  22. Terrie Smiddy

    I’d be so excited to be able to audition for The Wall! It’s the best show out there.

  23. Carleen Huff

    The wall would change our lives forever! 3-17-05 , our daughter Kaylee was born three months early. She spent her first year in the hospital and sufferer a grade three stroke.. She is a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy child now, doing great at age 11 but is full care.We have lost my income from having to care for her. Many trips out of state and too many surgeries to list. Two bankruptcy, but not from lack of trying. I Have moved for her care. But my husband just lost his job and we are again moving….WE NEED A BLESSING.. Please pick us.. Please. Carleen Huff

  24. Lori Griffin

    Would LOVE to be on The Wall with my husband. We have a dream of helping revitalize the historic downtown in our community to keep the history alive for our youth! We have a detailed plan and need help to make dreams become reality!

  25. Violet Taylor

    It would be an honor to be chosen to be on the wall. It would be a life changing experience for our family. It would get us a home we could fit comfortably in and I would help out a wonderful foundation of helping other families.

  26. Faye A. klee

    My grandson and I would really like to have the opportunity to play on The Wall. We both are having financial problems. We had an earthquake in 2003 and had 450,000.00 in damages. FEMA did nothing but gave us 350.00 for a broken TV. We are now at a point we may loose our house because the repairs cost 450,.000.,00. My grandson has been great to us. My husband Kim is 77 yrs old and I am 76 yrs old. We have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great grand children.

    Thank you for this opportunity to email you to try to get on your show

  27. Ian Wilson

    I will love to be on the game show with my wife because she has done and sacrificed so much for others, she was a single mother just taking care of her son when her sister left and returned to the islands. She promised her sister that she would take care of her only son, not knowing how she would make it, she was just twenty four. She struggled through with her nephew Alvin and now he is nine years old and doing remarkably well. I think she deserves to be on the show because she is a hero, when there was no one to take care of Alvin she stepped up to the plate. She was poor and struggling and did not know how she would make it but by the grace of God she made it. I met her in 2010 we fell in love and got married and have been together ever since.

  28. Andy

    It would be an honor to try and win the wall. I would give half of any amount I won to children’s Cancer research.

  29. Selena Mendoza

    Hello I’m in love with this game. It’s by far the best game show ever. I would love to go on it with my daughter and see if we could do it.

  30. Jason M. Lane

    Being on the wall would definitely be a life changing moment for my Family. I would be so honored to be apart of a great game show by a great Basketball player and mentor to millions. I’ll get right to it, I’m a struggling business owner that could use the money to get ahead in life. I never had much in life with father murdered at age 19 and living in the drug and alcohol life before he passed was a definite ticket to failure. I chose other wise braking that cycle, but not without continual struggles I managed. Enough of my dirty laundry. If I was to make it on the show I would donate a percentage of my winnings to St. Jude and a organization with children that have been abused. I would also like to give the biggest gift i could to my wife and that would be adopt a child(s) for her since we can do so. Thanks for your time, GOD BLESS!


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