Open Auditions for New NBC LeBron James Game Show “The Wall”


Tryout for NBC The Wall.

LeBron James and NBC are teaming up for a brand new game show where contestants can potentially win “millions.”

The series is now casting teams of 2 from all over the United States. Those wanting to tryout for “The Wall” may either attend one of the open casting calls scheduled for next month or audition online.  The show is looking to cast teams of 2 of all kinds, couples, cousins, siblings, etc.  Those cast for the show will have a chance to win some serious cash.

The Wall” will be hosted by Walking Dead’s talk show “Talking Dead” and  @midnight host, Chris Hardwick. According to THR, the series is being produced by LeBron James’ and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment and Glassman Media. Chris Hardwick is also named as one of the show’s executive producers. While the actual amount of cash that is up for grabs on the new series has not been announced, the show does describe the amount as “life changing” and has stated that NBC will potentially be giving away millions. The actual amount will be determined by the game.

The Wall”  is described as a Price is Right Plinko type game where balls are dropped over a large board of pegs, falling through the pegs until the ball comes to rest in a slot which will be marked with a prize amount.

The Wall

While “The Wall” is yet to premiere, the series is already casting for season 2. Host Chris Hardwick commented “I love game shows, and partnering with LeBron James and NBC to potentially give away millions of dollars to people who deserve it is an incredible opportunity,” also adding, “I’m sorry, NBC, I’m hoping to give away a lot of your money.”

Lebron James, Chris Hardwick The Wall casting


Come audition for the game show from from LeBron James where regular people achieve their dreams! Packed with drama and action, this is a game that the entire family can root for together! We are searching for teams of two: Spouses, Siblings, Newlyweds,Cousins etc to play this epic game.

NBCs “The Wall” has open casting calls coming up on the East Coast. The show will be coming to multiple locations in Maryland, Philadelphia, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and Illinois.

For those who do not live in any of the listed cities, online auditions are also available. Those wanting to audition online are asked to fill out a form which may be found on the show’s website. See the casting flyer below for more details.

Open casting calls for NBC The Wall

130 thoughts on “Open Auditions for New NBC LeBron James Game Show “The Wall”

  1. Elyse Muscato

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to possibly audition for this awesome game show.

  2. Elyse Muscato

    My husband and I would absolutely love to be contestants on The Wall. I am presently struggling to take care of my 94 year old mother who has also suffered an amputation of her right leg. She has also lost the use of her right arm due to a complex fracture. My son was in the U.S Army and suffered serious injuries due to combat deployments to Iraq. My youngest daughter has enlisted in the army as a combat medic. This show enables many deserving people to change their lives for the better. We greatly appreciate this and we sincerely hope we will be chosen.

  3. edward muscato

    The Wall would definitely be a life changing opportunity for me and my family. You wife has been caring get for her elderly mother who suffered a right leg amputation along with the loss of use of her right arm as well. We have 3 children, two daughters and one son. My youngest daughter is presently in the US army and my son was seriously injured in the army . My wife and I would love to be contestants on The Wall. We also appreciate how you enable families to change their lives for the better.

  4. Wyatt Mitchell

    Going on this show with my dad would make dreams come true. My family has taken mine and my brothers’ friends in to our home to help provide. Life and money were always stressful and a struggle, this would give my parents a chance to get everything they’ve ever wanted and/or deserved.

  5. jhony Dorismond`

    My wife is deserving of this, we got married in June 2001 and never got the chance to go on our honeymoon. We have two handsome boys and our priority was to fix our credit so we can be in a better position to buy a home for our family, within that year 9/11 happened and she lost her youngest brother. He was talking to his wife on the phone when the 1st plane hit the 92nd floor at the world trade center tower 1. I watch my wife go through an emotional roller coaster that year and every year when 9/11 memorial ceremony comes around , he was her best friend and one of my grooms men so you could imagine how hard it’s been.
    In all that she still managed to appear strong for her kids but inside she secretly is still hurting. In 2008 we finally realized our dream and bought our first home. Things were going pretty good until April , 2011. My job got outsourced to India. I figured if I was served lemons I would make lemonade with my time. I always wanted to do real estate so I went to school and all this time have been trying to become an entrepreneur. My wife, my back bone had supported me financially, emotionally and spiritually. In my book she gets an A+ for being a mother to my kids and the backbone to me. If you decide to select us to appear on THE WALL it is to give her a moment in time where she can be the focus of attention, if only for a moment. I thank you for listening.

  6. Judi Venturini

    BEING ON THE WALL WOULD BE A MIRACLE! I went through catastrophic changes in my life as the result of a diagnosis of Stage III Colon cancer in 2013. Not only did I loose my health. I lost my job, my savings, and my apartment as a result and almost ended up homeless. However with a lot of prayer and a strong faith, I was told I was cancer free and began to rebuild my life at the age of 67. Having loss all my financial means to retire, I am currently 69 and juggling my financial world, which means working at a little better than minimum wage job with no end in site. However I truly believe God has a bigger plan for me and I trust I will be blessed unconditionally. I have been a minister for 25 years and have served people unconditionally always trusting in the fact that “We reap what we sow.” When I saw The Wall I had goosebumps and I felt that this might be the door that opens a brighter future for me. Being on the Wall would allow me to retire and I would have the time to live my soul’s calling which is a dream that emerged through my own process with cancer, which is to support others as they maneuver through their cancer journey. I would love to go back to school to get a degree in Social Work so I than could volunteer in a hospital–perhaps St. Jude’s or Cancer Treatment Center’s of America. I have a good friend who has been at my side as I went back and forth to the hospitals, etc. Carol would make an excellent partner on the show. and I would love to bless her as well.

  7. Julie Murie

    The Wall is calling our name and blue is our “game”. My husband had a 30-year career as a police officer and I’ve just celebrated my 35th year in law enforcement. We have a son who’s a police sergeant, another son who served in the Air Force, and a third son who is an active member of the Air Force. Oddly enough, my husband and our sons have served/are serving at the rank of Sergeant in their respective careers. It’s our family tradition to serve a purpose larger than ourselves. My husband and I would like to be contestants so we can continue to “pay it forward” for many years to come.

  8. Tyler

    My name is tyler and I would love to have an opportunity to be on the wall. Reasons why is that my father has cancer and other health problems and I would love to be able to give him a less stressful day to day life. Also, my wife has health problems and it’s very stressful for us not knowing if we are going to be able to get the medication she needs and we have 2 amazing kids that help us everyday. I would just love to let them be kids and enjoy life, thank you.

  9. Darnell Mccallum

    My wife and I would love to be on the wall. Any money won would help us to raise our special needs grand son and his father who lives with us since his mother was killed last year, by her step father. He is a very special little boy who we love and would like to do great things for. This would also help us get his father back in school to finish his college education. We would love to be considered as contestants.

  10. Laryssa Whitfield

    I am a single mother (for right now) of 6 and will soon be the stepmother to 11 more. My fiance and I could really use the chance to be on the Wall for our kids futures. Better education and better living!

  11. Jeffrey R Dayon

    Would love to be on your show. I would love to take care of my Mom she is going to be 80 years old this year and she lives paycheck to paycheck as well as myself. So there is not a lot I can do to help her. Her medications are expensive and there are times she has to choose between meds or food and she does not want to burden me with it so she does not tell me and just goes without. Otherwise I would try and do what I could. Your game show could be a life changing experience for my family. We watch and record even episode. Love it. Thank you.

  12. Julia R Eversoll

    I would love to see my parents be selected to be on your show! My mom is very lucky when it comes to taking chances. My Dad on the other hand is very knowledgeable! He doesn’t like to gamble.

  13. Stacy VanElls

    To be on The Wall.. one word ” AMAZING” Newly married with 4 girls. As long as I come home with enough money to pay the babysitter 🙂 On a serious note it would be a lot of fun. My husband and I are a pretty good team but that would be a whole new challenge but an exciting one. I know watching the show I find myself jumping around with the players on T.V. what can I say I really get into it. Love the show. Best thing to hit T.V.

  14. Kirsten Sheldon

    I’m 48 and have been married for 15 years. I had eye surgery that left me legally blind but I do really well and i am blessed. I have not saved anyone or do any good deeds for the homeless or anything, but I would like to win enough money to help my mom take care of my sick dad. Buy land and put our homes next to each other….. I worry about my mom being alone with No one to speak to except my dad who is sick. Plus I love your game show so much. I made my husband take me out to dinner early for valentine’s day so we could be home by 7 to watch The Wall.
    Thank you.

  15. Andrew

    Hi my name is Andrew and I’m 12 years old. I’m a big fan of your show. My dad had just gone through 3 major Spinal surgeries in the last 8 mouths.

    1. Andrew

      Hi I’m Andrew Brady I’m 12 years old. My dad has just went though 3 major spinal surgeries in the last 8 months due to a medical mistake and my mom had just left us and I’ve been doing my best to help as he has been in major pain every day and night. He as done everything to make us happy given everything he has to keep our family together. It would just be amazing to have him on your show so he could be happy again and to see him get the much needed medical help he deserves and to be able to move closer to family as we don’t have any in Minnesota. He has been the best dad and supporter my wish is to be able to help him.

      Thank you for reading this and we love your show.

  16. Debra VanMeter

    Love the game! I’m a 55 yr old mother and son is 32 yrs old team.

  17. Debra VanMeter

    Love the game. Do they except a mother 55 years young and a son 32 years young?

  18. Carol whitsett

    I would also like to be a contestant on the wall game show. How the hell do you fill out the application that won’t down load, for real.

  19. Elana

    My sister and I would love the opportunity to play and win on this exciting, riveting new game show…. Don’t forget Las Vegas or Phoenix for 2017 The Wall casting call!

  20. Joan Slomczenski

    My husband and I would love to be on the game show. It would be a life changing experience. The game looks like such fun and totally a game of chance. We could do a lot with the money. College for our children. Then for sure we would donate to St. Jude’s. We have been very blessed to have 2 healthy children. I cannot imagine the stress and worry of having a child in need of medical attention. I think St. Jude’s is a life saver for many families, and would like to contribute to the cause. Please call us, we’re also a lot of fun and would be very entertaining. Thank you!

  21. Susan Simpson

    Hello: My husband and I watched your show for the first time and enjoyed it tremendously. We rarely watch television together because we both enjoy different shows. This new game show will for sure be something we will enjoy watching together. We’ve been married for 34 years and it would be amazing to be chosen to participate on your show. My husband is the brains in the family and I’m the organizer. Our 7 kids and 11 grandchildren would be shocked if we were picked?

  22. Terrie Smiddy

    I’d be so excited to be able to audition for The Wall! It’s the best show out there.

  23. Carleen Huff

    The wall would change our lives forever! 3-17-05 , our daughter Kaylee was born three months early. She spent her first year in the hospital and sufferer a grade three stroke.. She is a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy child now, doing great at age 11 but is full care.We have lost my income from having to care for her. Many trips out of state and too many surgeries to list. Two bankruptcy, but not from lack of trying. I Have moved for her care. But my husband just lost his job and we are again moving….WE NEED A BLESSING.. Please pick us.. Please. Carleen Huff

  24. Lori Griffin

    Would LOVE to be on The Wall with my husband. We have a dream of helping revitalize the historic downtown in our community to keep the history alive for our youth! We have a detailed plan and need help to make dreams become reality!

  25. Violet Taylor

    It would be an honor to be chosen to be on the wall. It would be a life changing experience for our family. It would get us a home we could fit comfortably in and I would help out a wonderful foundation of helping other families.

  26. Faye A. klee

    My grandson and I would really like to have the opportunity to play on The Wall. We both are having financial problems. We had an earthquake in 2003 and had 450,000.00 in damages. FEMA did nothing but gave us 350.00 for a broken TV. We are now at a point we may loose our house because the repairs cost 450,.000.,00. My grandson has been great to us. My husband Kim is 77 yrs old and I am 76 yrs old. We have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 10 great grand children.

    Thank you for this opportunity to email you to try to get on your show

  27. Ian Wilson

    I will love to be on the game show with my wife because she has done and sacrificed so much for others, she was a single mother just taking care of her son when her sister left and returned to the islands. She promised her sister that she would take care of her only son, not knowing how she would make it, she was just twenty four. She struggled through with her nephew Alvin and now he is nine years old and doing remarkably well. I think she deserves to be on the show because she is a hero, when there was no one to take care of Alvin she stepped up to the plate. She was poor and struggling and did not know how she would make it but by the grace of God she made it. I met her in 2010 we fell in love and got married and have been together ever since.

  28. Andy

    It would be an honor to try and win the wall. I would give half of any amount I won to children’s Cancer research.

  29. Selena Mendoza

    Hello I’m in love with this game. It’s by far the best game show ever. I would love to go on it with my daughter and see if we could do it.

  30. Jason M. Lane

    Being on the wall would definitely be a life changing moment for my Family. I would be so honored to be apart of a great game show by a great Basketball player and mentor to millions. I’ll get right to it, I’m a struggling business owner that could use the money to get ahead in life. I never had much in life with father murdered at age 19 and living in the drug and alcohol life before he passed was a definite ticket to failure. I chose other wise braking that cycle, but not without continual struggles I managed. Enough of my dirty laundry. If I was to make it on the show I would donate a percentage of my winnings to St. Jude and a organization with children that have been abused. I would also like to give the biggest gift i could to my wife and that would be adopt a child(s) for her since we can do so. Thanks for your time, GOD BLESS!

  31. Rebecca Spiegel

    I can survive the WALL. Hi I was in the city on 911 my ASTHMA got so bad I moved to Long Beach, to breathe better, doctors orders. A few years went by and hurricane Sandy hit. I lost everything. I have been living with my mother the last 4 years. My mother is a saint, a SURVIVOR OF THE HOLOCAUST! I want to be on the show with my dear sister that lives in Tennessee my mother sees her 2 x a year. I also want my mother to stay in her home. If I won any money it would go to her. I am a senior advocate, patient advocate, help homeless vets, and hold a real estate license where I help people with a language barrier. My mother came to this country with out knowing a word of English. I am not married the man I loved passed away which is another cause I am passionate about. Please let my sister and I be on the show. I am the wacky one in the family, she is so conservative, it would be hilarious!

  32. Thomas Varnell: Tracy Caldwell

    Hello Mr. Wall, if you choose us, you will have met your match! We are an awesome and very smart couple I live in OKC, she lives in Dallas.. let’s see what you got!! Thanks Thomas & Tracy

  33. Alicia lanaro

    Hi, I have been doing children’s entertainment for the last 12 yrs and also worked for chase bank until I got sick and was put on chemo and lost my job at chase. I still do parties but it has been very difficult for me to do,but as long I can make a child happy I am happy. The reason I would like to be on the wall is to win 1,000,000, so I can expand my business and hire some people so we can make as many kids happy as possible.I also would like to retire early and live life without worry. I’ve done so much good in my life that I should have an opportunity at this wall.This will not only help me but also my family who have been very supportive. Also have $50,000 student loans from Hofstra that I would like to pay, thank you.

  34. Stephanie Dormeville

    I’m watching “The Wall” as I write with my boyfriend and it made me laugh, cry, anxious and inspired me at times. I love the fact that it brings so much out of it’s contestants. My boyfriend and I are thinking of a future together and unfortunately have a hard time each on our own sides.
    I count my blessing each day but Hurricane Sandy has been hard to bounce back from. I lost everything and am still trying to build. I KNOW in my Gutt that all will be well some day soon once we have the opportunity.
    My boyfriend is a handy man who works so hard however always playing catch-up with his bills; all trying to draw a bright picture for me. Always running around helping people. I would love to participate and chance making some money to give us stability to help others and possibly start our own little family at 40.
    This money would help us soooo much.

  35. Laura oldham

    Would love to be in the show The Wall with my husband James. We watch the show every time it’s on and would love to take a chance at winning a million as well as seeing how much my husband really knows. So please pick us to be on your show.

  36. marilyn vasquez

    I would like to participate with my hubby to play the wall game show, please.

  37. Faye klee

    I am a wife of 57 yrs. I have three children and seven grandchildren and 10 great grand children. I would love to come on your show with my grandson. That would be the joy of my life. I am now 76 yrs. old. We had an earthquake on Dec. 23, 2003. We had 450,000.00 damage to our house. It came off the foundation and got no help even though we were declared a disaster area.

  38. Tara hayden

    Hello Mr. Wall,
    I would definitely like to challenge you with my sister since I’m not married. Even though I have been through brain surgery and have a pacemaker I think we can beat you. Medicare did help pay for a lot for the surgeries but SSI isn’t that much and I want to start my own business.
    To Mr. Lebron James…. thank you for the opportunity… for us Americans to change our lives… so we can use this money to change other lives as well.
    Blessed be
    Tara Hayden

  39. Vhem Linoski

    My husband and I would love to try our luck at The Wall. We would love the excitement of being a game show participants. We are very out going and easy people and very entertaining or so what everyone says about us.

    1. Vivian Armstrong

      I would love to try this game with my daughter, looks like alot of fun, and trust!

  40. Ana Acosta

    Me and my husband love the show the Wall. We would love to be able to be on the show. We are from San Marcos TX.

  41. Marilyn Basilio

    Love the show, I applied to be casted, and I am just waiting to pack my bags and go……that’s, how positive I am.

  42. KatayaNelson

    This money would be life changing for me And my family, single parent mother of a disabled child. I am a stay home mom and I need blessings like this.

  43. Tiffani

    Hello, my name is Tiffani, I have two wonderful boys who are my everything. We have been through a lot in the past years, however, last year was the worst. We were served an eviction notice, I broke my arm which resulted in the loss of function to my wrist and hand, it was my primary arm therefore writing bills out etc. I was not able to do, I wasn’t allowed to drive etc. I since have 85% of function back through therapy and it is getting better as time goes on. Due to all the chaos this past year my boy have missed out, missed out on playing together, going on any type of short trips that we usually take, we have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been underemployed for 8 years as a single mother it has taken a toll on me as well as my boys. I teach they we can do anything, and never quit, we don’t give up, we keep going and praying because there is a reason for everything. We would love an opportunity to be on your show, we go big or go home, we also believe in giving back. We believe as blessings come to us, we must bless others. I just watched a story on TV, an elderly man who use to suffer from depression goes shopping at his local supermarket, he shops for people who he feels needs help and pays for their groceries, my boys and I would love to be able to help people in this way as well as in other ways. Don’t get me wrong there are many bills that would get paid off, which will relieve much of our stress,lol. But giving back to others is definitely one our many passions.
    Thank you,
    We would greatly appreciate your consideration for choosing us as contestants on your show.

    Miracles happen

  44. Maureen persico

    These two gals would be honored to be a part of this amazing new show!
    We work at an animal hospital struggling to make ends meet always putting others first & would be forever grateful for this opportunity!PS were hot!

  45. Rob Miklusicak

    Wow! Have a blast every time we watch it. Would love to come and play the game real time! I submitted my app!
    Just say where & when, we’ll make it happen.

  46. Shannon roberge

    I watch the wall faithfully every Tuesday. I would love an opportunity to be on the game show. I was born with liver and lung cancer in 1983 the doctors didn’t find it till I was 14 months old and in the 4th and final stage with no chance of living. I am 33 year old miracle now. I have 2 beautiful daughters. I would love the opportunity to win money on the wall and give some back for the research for cancer so every child can be given the chance at life I have. Please and thank you shannon.

  47. Shani Sutton

    I would love a chance to get my boss on The Wall. My boss and I work at Planet Pet. Its a rescue and pet supply store. We strive to make sure each animal finds their forever homes and is healthy. We also work along side of Planned Pethood plus, which is a low cost vet clinic, owned by Dr. Jeffery Young. We believe in whats best for the animals and save their lives on a daily basis. I mostly just want my boss to have an opportunity to reward her in everything she does for not only all animals, but also for anyone around her. She is a strong and amazing woman and such an inspiration. She is suffering a disease that is not making life any easier but she still keeps putting her whole heart into everything she does. No matter how she feels. She is a role model and deserves to be rewarded for everything she has done for everyone she has met,including myself, and every living animal she comes across. She has an unbelievable heart.

  48. Kimberly Nowak

    Crazy millions wow we would take are autistic son on a Disney Cruise.

  49. James McCain

    I would love to have the opportunity to be in the game show. I’m a full time student & It would help out a lot, for myself, my girlfriend & our families. I also watch the show every Tuesday & I learn a lot and we try to play along and get most of them right and it’s a lot of fun. This would mean a lot for us.

  50. Charlotte gamroth

    This would be a dream come true. It would change our families lives forever. I only dream of having money like that. We barely make it now. Please pick us to be on the wall. You would make all our dreams come true.

    1. marilyn vasquez

      Please, please, I would like to participate and play with my husband for a chance to win.
      We love this game show and we watch it every Tuesday, it’s awesome.

  51. Lariann Chavez

    Me and my husband would love to have an opportunity to be contestants on the Wall. We watch all the episodes and talk about how that type of money could change our lives. We have been together for 27 years. We have been through the worst any couple could ever go through, five years ago we lost one of our sons who was 19 in a car accident. My husband has been waiting for a kidney transplant for over 4 years and has been on dialysis for almost 3 of those years. He is my hero, my rock, and my best friend. We have watched how the couples on this show get so excited and emotional about the money when they win, that it brings tears to my eyes like if they are my family.

  52. Elizabeth whittrn

    Hi my husband and I want to audition for the wall but not sure how get to site to do that. Getting on the show could definitely help us right now, my husband is just getting over a work related injury which the company refused to do anything about for the 2nd time now. Due to his injury they’re. Having to change his job title for 4th time so he can continue working with the company. the house we’ve been renting for about a year that we were suppose to start renting to own next month but the house was sold to another company and now we are having to move ourselves, our 3 kids and 2 puppies into a make shift Rv. We are looking for another place to move in to but we have so much bad luck renting places the last 4-5years we´d really like to get a forever home for our growing family. This could possible help us jump start that goal. Please let me know how i can get on this show. Thanks from Louisiana.

  53. Karol-Lisa Perez

    My husband and I have seen every single show! I have found that I answer a lot of the questions correctly and would be very greatful for the opportunity to be cast on your show. Just like most people, we really need the money and to help some family members.

  54. Norma Salazar

    Me and my best friend Lisa enjoy “The Wall” so much, that we would like to play, and feel confident that we would do really well. We are definitely up for the challenge!

  55. Tara Callan

    Being on the show “The Wall” would be a total life changer. In the last six years, my husband and I have gone through a lot of hardships. I fought and beat breast cancer after undergoing a mastectomy and 4 rounds of Chemotherapy. My husband has had a stroke, which luckily only affected his speech. We worked every day with a speech therapist to get it back.
    Two years ago, he had a heart attack and had to have a triple bypass. It has been a long hard road, but we are both still here to tell the story. It would truly be a blessing to be chosen to on this amazing show!!

  56. Eric Lucas

    I have watched this extraordinary show, THE WALL, I live in a small community in Bisbee Arizona, I am an entrapanure and own a small business, My wife and I are thrilled to get an opportunity to be on the show, we would love to tell you our story.

  57. Donna Calleo

    My partner Joanne and I have been together for 18 years. I lost my job in 2014 and Joanne lost her job in October of 2016. We are both 60 years old and I believe our age has contributed to us not finding jobs in our field of expertise which is finance. We both made decent salaries and finding it a bit hard to make ends meet. Joanne has one daughter who has lived with us for over two years now along with her husband and two sons. They too have been in a bit of a predicament.

    We would welcome the opportunity to audition for your show

  58. Troy

    My name is Troy Avery. I am a Father of soon to be 5 beautiful children, I am 23 my wife is 25 and we have been married for 5 years.
    We have a 7yr old girl, 2yr old boy, and twins (boy and girl) 6 months and another due in May. Diapers aren’t cheap lol. We would love to be able to be on the show and have the chance to change our lives for our children. We have been stuck renting because our credit is shot and can’t go anywhere as a family because we cant afford to get another car to fit our kids. My wife and I finish each others sentences and are almost always on the same wave link.
    I’m not sure what all to say without spilling our life story. Our story began meeting at a gas station and we just clicked and i sold my car to move up to PA to start our lives… Everyone tells us we are crazy for having so many kids but My wife Briana had cervical cancer and was told she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant and if she did she wouldn’t carry and we spent over 3 yrs trying and finally had our son Nathaniel and when he was 9 months we found out she was pregnant with twins after they were born a month and a half later we find out shes pregnant with another beautiful girl…..

    We could really use this opportunity to help ensure our children’s future and to but a lot of diapers and give our children a house that we can finally call OUR home and have property for them to learn and grow

    If we got on the Wall and are able to walk away with anything i would be happy just to be there but if we are able to go on this show we are going big and going all the way because that is what our family is, its BIG and the AVERYs Never hold back

  59. Sherry Watt

    I would give anything to get a chance to beat “The Wall”. My husband and I have gone through so much over the past 14 years. By helping out my grandmother I ended up losing everything we owned. She was the love of my life and we gave up our jobs and even the state we lived in, to try and care for her. We have lived in our car and completely started over time and time again. I now have MS and am unable to work full time. My husband is a framer and is working 6 days a week to keep us afloat. He builds custom homes for a living and our dream is to one day be able to purchase something that he has built. I would love to have the chance to use the connection that my husband and I have together to start over and build a future for both of us. Please contact us with great news! 🙂

  60. Carol whitsett

    I would love to be a contestant of the wall. This is a game that is exciting while winning money. In addition it will help pay some bills, buy me a new car and help to take care of my four grand-children because they are facing this world without a mother. This money would help us in so many ways.


    I am professional photographer trying 2 make my business work. I was in the Oakdale Johnson City Mall in New York with a mall rent of $1,700 increased to $3,000 once they assumed my business was making enough money to pay it. I had to let my whole staff go and tried to make my business work at a slower less-expensive Mall for only $800 a month. I want a chance at the game show the wall for a chance of Millions to employ thousands! If I had a lot of money I could change the economy for the good, opening businesses. I want to get the gas light off of my truck skip the middle class and bring others up. I’m a good person with a big heart and want to do good with the money.

  62. sharrhonda flowers

    I would love to be a contestant on the wall, I am a single mother with two children. I work full time and also a full time student. Things have not been easy moving to big city with no plan. If i had the opportunity to go on the show, i could plan a better futrure for my children and myself, become a homeowner one day. Pay for college. This is an amazing show to be accepted would be a dream come true, Kuddos to Lebron James and Chris Hardwick..Please please think of my family.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Sharrhonda Flowers


    I would love to be on this amazing show . I have been married for 27 years with three boys. I come from a small Island called Fiji! This will make my dream come true.
    Love to get respond .

  64. Cyndie Baker

    Kudos to LeBron James! What an awesome idea for a game show! And Chris Hardwick, perfect choice to host it. After seeing it for the first time, I had my husband watch it with me the second time and he agreed, it was challenging, smart and definitely exciting. You find yourself really rooting for the contestants to win! It’s always a pleasure to see others get a break in life, a chance to perhaps make life a little easier. What a great premise for a show… for some to give back so others may get ahead. Beautiful. You guys rock! I would love to be a constant, if you’re looking, please, give me a call.
    A sincere thanks,
    Cyndie Baker

  65. Maria Jauriqui

    Me and my honey have been together 26 years. We have 3 kids and one grand daughter. We’ve had a very tough 9 yrs. My husband lost his mom, dad, 3 brothers, 1 sister and 3 nephews and I lost my mom and dad. Now I lost my call and I have to find a new home for my family and try to get a new car.

  66. Patti Bubel

    I would like to become an contestant on your Show The Wall.
    I would like my husband Bruce, to go on the show with me he is a full flegh Shriner who helps children all over the world is my mother.
    My mother Patti Sr. Who is still working with my dad who could retire but can not because not enough income for them to stay retired Both parents are over 71 and 83.
    We are struggling and this could be a life changing event for all of us.
    My dad was really sick over a year ago my parent lived in the metroplex of Dallas and my husband and I had a home in the Waco area. We both sold our homes to buy 1 home with no stairs to climb to help my mother with my daddy. So we could use the funds to help but us another home with more privacy for the 4 Of us.
    Please pick us
    Thank you very much

  67. Gabe Foss

    I just got done watching the show again. Love it. Great idea. My wife and I would love to be a part of this big thinking type of game that can change lives. It would allow us to give people in our life help that they need badly. Especially one friend that lost her fiancé to suicide; leaving her with 3 kids to provide on her own.

  68. Tonya

    I would love to be a contestant on The Wall. I am a single parent of a 13 year old boy and I put myself through college and supported my son with out help. I can always have my sister be on the show with me since it will be a team of two. I have gone though a lot of rough time in my life but each struggle I have overcame it and didn’t let it put me down, I just became stronger each time. I really would like to pay off my student loans and put money in my son’s savings account for college and not have to worry about ever struggling again. If I were to win over a million dollars I would also not only put money away for my son and retirement I would also like to build a soup kitchen or a boys and girls club.

  69. Julie Setser

    I’ve been watching game shows all my life, I’m addicted. My husband and I have amazing chemistry and we love to joke with each other. I think we would do well on the show. We’ve been married since 04 and never had a honeymoon even though we work hard. This would be a dream come true to be on this show!

  70. Raphael woods

    I would love to be on the show, it seems like a lot of fun. I would love to have a chance to be financially stable again, thank you.

  71. Teresa Villarreal

    I would love to be on the game show the wall. This would change our lives and help us pay for kids college funds. My Husband Jason works at the VA Hospital he helps veterans everyday and loves doing his job. I am not working now. I have two children i don’t have much money to pay for college for 2 teenagers with one income. I live in mountain view California Times are very hard in this city with rent increases and no control rent I was forced to move back with family. I think this would be a wonderful blessing to be on this game show. Please pick our family and changed our family’s lives.

  72. Toni langford

    There is a story about two mice that fell into a bowl of cream. The first mouse drowned but the
    Second mouse fought so hard he churned the cream into butter and climbed out to safety.
    Well this story basically sums up our struggle for survival.
    Wish we had the opportunity to appear on the wall TV gameshow.

  73. Sean Wahlquist

    Consider myself and my wife, we would love the opportunity to leave something for our 5 kids. We are in the Albuquerque new mexico area.

  74. Kim Arnold

    I would Love to be on the Wall. Last year my husband fought esophageal cancer, and though the cancer is gone for now. He still has a lot of problems. And it strapped us financially, he worked hard for 40 years, and is now dealing with this illness. I would just like to make our life comfortable again.

  75. Christa Kotsiris

    Your show is amazing! I watched intently hoping all contestants would win big, answering questions along with them! But..the best part was watching with my 82 year-old grandmother who wishes nothing but to be on your show with me. I was diagnosed with MS 12 yrs ago and have many expenses. If her and I could audition or even make it on your show, it would make a very loving grandmother who helped raise me, the happiest woman around. Thank you for your consideration.

  76. Amy Patunas

    Would love to compete for millions on your show… it would be and my son or daughter.

  77. Lillian brown

    I would love to be on the show. My daughter has boys in college and she raised her boys by herself. She works in a jail prison and being the only black American she is being harassed daily on her job. She went to private School in college. I want the best for my only child. She is SMART, beautiful. Please help me to help her. We are South Carolina natives but we live in New York.

  78. Jennifer finley

    I would love to be on the wall because I work 2 jobs and I drive a moped to both. I have a license just can’t afford a car right now. My mom is a stroke victim and I would love to surprise her and pay some of her bills including mine off. I’m 33 and live in South Carolina please let me be on your show. Oh and I need a vacation so if I don’t win at least I got to get some days off.

  79. Rosalind James

    I would love to audition for this show. I would like the opportunity to change the lives of so many people, but most of all to be able to assist in my community. There are so many things that must be done with our elderly and young people and I want to make my contribution.

  80. Laisha Anderson

    I would love to have a chance to be on The Wall. My family watched it for the first time, it looked really fun and our kids were like, “can you guys go on that show?” So I would love to make that dream come true for our family because we have been through a really tough time financially. Not to mention our whole household is LeBron James fans! I would love to surprise our children by paying for their college tuition’s and also by paying off my student loans.

  81. Adrienne Walton

    This will be an opportunity for me to come and be energetic, excited, nervous, laughter, fun and to enjoy a lot of positive energy, please give me this opportunity.

  82. Aimee Von Zup

    My husband, Kirk and I are parents of four wonderful kids. Things have been tough for us. Two of our four children have had heart transplants. A chance to be on The Wall could help us so much with doctors bills, but more importantly, could help us bring attention to the need for more organ donors! We have made it our goal to bring attention to the subject of organ donation, and that national stage would help so much! A huge added bonus would be for my husband to possibly meet Lebron James. He has been a Cleveland sports fan his ENTIRE life, throughout all of the good and the bad. Please let me know when tryouts are open again for this awesome game show!

  83. Bobby miller

    Hi my name is Bobby and would love to be on the wall. I do body work and home improvement and sometimes don’t make money for weeks at a time. We have 3 kids and live day to day, hoping the landlord don’t kick us out the house, please let us be on the show, it will change our life’s forever.

  84. Tabatha Dash

    Me and my fiance have 3 beautiful children together and would love to build their futures. Were fun and entertaining New Yorkers! We would bring plenty of laughs to the show for sure. We would love to help or or families especially our mother’s that deserve much more than they currently have.

  85. Patricia loos

    My sister is very book smart. I’m common sense smart, this has been a 30 year battle between us. Even if we only won a dollar, I will have my victory ahhh alas what fun we would have for the next 30 years trying to out smart each other.

  86. Kelly Jackson

    I sure wish you could come to Houston. I want to apply to be on The Wall online. Please let me know how to do this. Seems to be a lot of fun and I know we would sure give a good time and laughs for everyone.
    Thanks, Kelly

  87. Wrandi Paulson

    I would love to be on the show The Wall because it might help me achieve my goals and make life better for me and my 1 year old son. Please tell me how to get on the show.

  88. Gordon Rutherford

    I would love for the chance to change my family’s lives in a positive way. My wife and I have been married almost 27 years and continue to be a great team. I worked 18 years with developmentally disabled adults and 6 years as an addiction counselor. She has worked with developmentally disabled and with prison, probation and now the court system. Thank you for any consideration that you give to us.

  89. Maria Yafanaro

    Very fun game show! Life changing it would be, I hope they have auditions for the Cleveland area soon since we are home of the Cleveland Cavs “Go Lebron”. I signed up and am waiting for alerts for tryouts in my area. 🙂

  90. Lesa

    What an unbelievable concept! I feel the excitement and disappointment with every drop! This show honestly keeps me on the edge of my seat while I imagine the possibility of eliminating my daughter’s student loans and finally being able to give to so many others that are deserving. We have struggled as single mom and child yet always been provided for. This seems like the next obvious step in our journey.

  91. Ricky Martinez

    I would love to be on the show “The wall.” It would be so awesome to be on a game show that’s televised . It would help me and my family. It would help us get back on our feet after all the horrible things we had to go through. Please pick me it would me the best thing that will ever happen to our family.

  92. Gordon Rutherford

    I would love for the chance to change my family’s lives in a positive way. My wife and I have been married almost 27 years and continue to be a great team. Thank you for any consideration that you give to us.

  93. Mykalyn Andrade

    This Show would be an amazing experience! I hope they really choose an in need family or a charity! How fun!..of course I would love to be a part of it even if to win 1,000 dollars! =)

  94. Desiree

    I would love to be given this opportunity to be on The Wall. I am a 3rd year elementary teacher in Lebron James home town. He’s a huge idol of mine. He supports the kids and gives back so much. This would be amazing if I could be on this show!!

  95. Jennie Jones

    Would like to be on the wall with my 12 yr old daughter Jasmyn. I’m a single mother it would be a life changing experience.

  96. chris spence

    I would love to be on the Wall game show. I have four grand children, and would like to be able to send all four to college. My daughter is a single mother and really need the help.I pray that I get a chance.

  97. Tara

    we would love to be on the show we used to have a great business, wonderful home beautiful, cars, but we lost everything and would like to start a fresh start and change our lives.

  98. kristopher Wright

    This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family. Then also have the money to help people in need would be a great feeling as well. Something like this would definitely be a dream come true and a life-changing experience.

  99. Donna Moussa

    I want to be a contestant on the new game show The Wall.

  100. Chandra Atchley

    OMG this would be my dream come true, I’ve overcame many obstacles and a recovering addict of more than 6 yrs (Yay!) And would love more than anything to help my mother and somehow make her life easier, she’s moved mountains for me, I can only hope to do the same for her!

  101. Steve Leppell

    My wife and I are desperate for cash and would like to be on the new show The Wall.

  102. Jackie

    I would like to try out, got all the answers right except 1 question.
    When are you coming to Los Angles. Please reply back to my email so I can try out for your show.
    Thanking You In Advance

  103. Sheila Talbot

    I am newly married and we have seven children together, we would love the chance to better our children’s life!

  104. Lisa edwards

    I would love to be a contestant on this fabulous new game show. I am a widow and an ER nurse who would love to have a chance to change my 2 girls and my family’s life forever, in the most generous way you have offered.

  105. Danielle Williams

    I love to a contestant on The Wall so me and fiance can have excellent opportunity to get out poverty and Camden NJ and start a family. Please have faith for us.

  106. Nicole Terrell

    My husband and I would love to be apart of this show not only to possibly change our family of sevens life, but the lives of our extended families, church and community.

    1. Arthur Hayes III

      Would greatly love an opportunity to appear on the new game show, The Wall.
      Thank you sincerely.

  107. Victoria Zamora

    I am a struggling parent of 7…I work any where from 40-50 hours a week. I really need some stability. It is very hard to make ends meet. To be on this game show would change our lives for the better. I have a 14 year old who snuffers from psychoses and severe ADHA, also a 5 year old who is Autistic. I love my family with all I am and push every day to get them ahead. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be on this game show.
    Thank you very much for taking your time to read my post.
    Victoria Z.

  108. jesee smith

    To give back to the young kids, youth, there’s nothing for young people to do where we live.

  109. Shakeisha Brown

    Being on the show will be a life changing event for me. Would love to give it a try, I’m in Daytona Beach, Fl.

  110. Jonathon Naegele

    Please consider me and my wife of 17 years. We are very competive and very smart at least, I am, lol. Thank you for your time.

  111. Brenda

    Game shows audition are always held in major city how come small state don’t get any information LA Chicago Atlanta New York … why can’t it be Indiana Tennessee Ohio DC something everyone can get too

  112. brenda pratuch

    I would love a chance to be on the new show “The Wall.” I have always wanted a chance to be on a game show for the fun atmosphere that also gives me a chance to help my family with expensive medical bills and create a better way to enjoy life. Please consider me for this.

  113. Diane Sepulveda

    I want to be on The Wall to inspire all single moms that dreams really come true. I want to be on the wall to win some money to put my children through college.

  114. Randy Heckley

    I have always wanted to be on a game show, especially where there is the opportunity to change my life and others who are less fortunate.

  115. Rondell Bradley

    Trying to get money to start my own football kids football team.

  116. Warren Lewis

    I would love to get on a game show in Virginia. I always wanted to be on a gameshow, this is a once in a life time opportunity. I would love it.

  117. Joe mceachern

    I would like to be be on the wall game show. To tell you truth, any game show we don’t got stuff like that in Alaska, but it’s getting better.

  118. Greg Lyons

    Business partners with NBA player. Most loving wife on the planet. Wants to make some dreams come true for my parents.

      1. lisa lisapinion

        I love the wall. My husband and I watch it every Tues. We want to be on the wall.

    1. Ericka Fatten

      Making a life changing experience for my family and especially for my granddaughter. I have two kids in college and would love to have them be debt free. My family watches The Wall religiously and never misses a show. This would be a dream and life changing experience. I am in southern CA. Thank you.

    2. Allen Chaves

      My Kids and I Would do anything to be on The Wall.


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