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Auditions – Bad Seed

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Type: Theater

Auditions for “Bad Seed” will be held February 14 and 15 at 7:30 PM. (Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time to sign in and fill out paperwork)

No appointment needed. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. All roles are non-union and non-paid. Headshot and resume appreciated, but not required.

Potential Callbacks: TBA

The play focuses on the seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda Penmark, who is able to charm her way into getting just about anything she wants. Anything, except a highly coveted penmanship medal that her teacher has awarded to Claude Daigle, one of Rhoda’s classmates. During a school outing near the shore, Claude goes missing and it is soon discovered that Claude has drowned near a pier. Rhoda’s mother, Christine, begins to suspect that Rhoda had something to do with the boy’s death when she finds Claude’s penmanship medal hidden in Rhoda’s room. Gradually Christine comes to believe that her
perfect little daughter has a dark side and that Rhoda was behind other sudden deaths surrounding the family. This realization and her love for her daughter tear her apart.


  • RHODA PENMARK: (8-14) Rhoda is a sweet 8 year old little girl. She should look innocent and act very polite, but it is important that she be mature enough to understand the role. A very large, pivotal role for a young actress, Rhoda is the title role—the “Bad Seed” who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.
  • CHRISTINE PENMARK: (Late 20s, to mid 30s) Rhoda’s mother and the leading role of the show. She is a gracious, happy woman who adores her child and her husband, but she is torn when she realizes the truth about Rhoda.
  • COL. KENNETH PENMARK: (Late 20s to late 30s) Rhoda’s father. A straight arrow military officer. He adores his wife and child, very warm-hearted.
  • MONICA BREEDLOVE: (40s to mid 60s) The Penmark’s landlady. Imposing, no-nonsense, can-do type, but she is also kind and friendly and offers humor without being a clown. She is a widow and lives in another apartment of the house. She dotes on Rhoda.
  • EMERY WAGES: (40s to 60s) He is younger than his sister, Monica, with whom he resides. He is friendly, conversational, tolerant, and stable. Calm in comparison with his sister.
  • LEROY: (30 to 45) Janitor of the building and grounds. He is sly, though seemingly simple. An embittered man who feels like he’s been victimized by the whole world. He dislikes and admires Rhoda at the same time. There is tension between them, but the audience gains the greatest insight of these two characters through their relationship.
  • MISS FERN: (50s to 60s) A spinster who runs a tight ship as head of one of the most aristocratic schools in the state. She expects others to cooperate and to contribute.
  • REGINALD TASKER: (35 to 50) A crime writer with an air of mystery who has become somewhat of an expert in the history of crime. He is a well-respected friend of Christine and Monica.
  • MRS HORTENSE DAIGLE: (Early 30s to mid 40s) A later-in-life mother, relative to other women of her time, who has suffered the murder of her only son whom she adored. She is grief-stricken and very confused and self-conscious around Christine. She drinks through her grief.
  • MR. DAIGLE: (Early 40s through late 50s) Quiet, but apologetic for his wife’s obsessive grief and embarrassed by her drinking and assertions about the murder.
  • RICHARD BRAVO: (50 65) Christine’s father, once a well-known homicide detective who became an author and well-known radio journalist. He adores his daughter and granddaughter, and hides the secret of his daughter’s past.

“Bad Seed” performances are
April 22, 23, 24*, 29, 30, May 1*, 5, 6, 7
Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances at 8 PM. *Sunday matinees at 2 PM.

For more information, please contact Director Suki:

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Philadelphia, PA
Please submit to: by 2016-02-14

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