Russian Speaking Actors in London for Student Film Project

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Lady’s Beard

Location: London

Type: Student Films


We are a producing team from the world-renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS), looking for Russian speakers to star in a short-film. These are paid roles and the film will be shot in October 2016.

Lady’s Beard – Synopsis

The Ukranian war has reached its peak. Nina (50+) and her brother Denis (45+) live in a constant conflict with each other. The battle-traumatized Denis provokes her constantly while Nina tries everything to maintain a sense of normality. Each day Nina makes the dangerous journey across the street to teach English to her former pupil Vanya (16), who is hiding from conscription. When Vanya is shot dead and Nina’s strength crumbles, Denis realizes Nina needs his support as much as he needs hers.

NINA (50+)

Nina is a strong and determined woman, who keeps her emotions mostly to herself. Before the war broke out in the Ukraine, she was a committed high school teacher. Facing now the daily danger of being killed she tries to maintain her dignity and a sense of normality for herself, her brother Denis and her English student Vanya.


Nina is well-kept without being vain about her outer appearance. She is not classically beautiful, but has an arresting presence. Her determination and strength do not necessarily have to reflect themselves in her outer appearance, and she could have softer features / be overweight.
Special requirement: Russian speaking

DENIS (45+)

Denis is Nina’s husband and a former engineer who became a well-respected militia leader during the war. Being traumatized by the experience of nearly having been killed, Denis continues pretending that he is still injured to avoid facing the battle on the streets again. Being ashamed of his weakness, he chastises Nina. It is only after Nina is confronted with a terrible stroke of fate and breaks down, that he realizes that she depends on his support as much as he will do for hers.


Denis has generally sympathetic features. He should not look like a rough professional soldier, but like somebody who used to live a normal and civilized life before he has been forced to participate in a war.

Special requirement: Russian speaking

VANYA (playing age 16-18, actual age if possible over 16)

Vanya is Nina’s underperforming, but charming and funny English student who is hiding in his flat from military service. Though he seems to be a lazy student, outward-looking Vanya still continues learning English in the hope for a war-free future. He films youtube tutorials for tectonic dance and is in touch with a worldwide community via internet.


Vanya looks charming and cheeky. He does not have to be pretty, but has to have the intriguing charisma of a clever bad boy.
Special requirement: Russian speaking, good dancer and able to learn tectonic dance (https://


National Film and Television School

If you believe you may fit one of these roles, please contact with head shots and showreel. If you don’t have a short film, please record a short film introducing yourself. We are willing to consider all potential actors for this including amateur/non-professionals.

Please send in all applications before 19th October 2016

Alexandra Brodski (Director)

Jimmy Campbell – Smith (Producer)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: London
Please submit to: by 2016-09-19

This casting notice was posted by: NFTS

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