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Shakespeare ’70 Presents THE HEIDI CHRONICLES by Wendy Wasserstein

Location: Bordentown, NJ

Type: Theater

Shakespeare ’70 will be holding open auditions for their March production of The Heidi Chronicles at Open Arts PAC, in Bordentown, New Jersey. The cast will be comprised of existing company members and new faces.

Performance dates are March 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12, 2017. Friday and Saturday night performances are at 8:00 pm and Sunday afternoon performances are at 3:00pm.

Heidi Holland is a girl making her way in the world – but that world keeps changing. From her adolescence in the 1960s, to her coming-of-age college years in the 1970s and right through her adulthood, Heidi is constantly pushing, sometimes against society, to become the woman she wants to be. As she watches her peers settle into lives as Wives and Career Women, she finds herself wanting to strike out on a different path altogether. A funny, moving, and fast-paced trip through American history, through the eyes of Heidi.



Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins will be seen on a time-available basis. To sign up for an audition appointment, please fill out this form: Auditions and callbacks will be held at Open Arts PAC. For directions, please visit

Questions or comments can be emailed to

Sides from the play will be available on our Facebook page, or via email if necessary. Additional readings from the play may be provided at the time of your audition if needed.

The read through will be the first week in January, and rehearsals will begin directly following. We will rehearse two to three nights a week and occasionally on Sunday afternoons. Please let us know about ALL potential conflicts between January 1 and March 12, 2017.

The cast will be between 8 and 10 people, with many actors being asked to play multiple roles. You may choose any of the provided sides for your audition, but please note that we may ask you to read others either in your initial auditions or callbacks.
The role of Peter Patrone has been precast. The roles of Heidi, Susan, and Scoop will not be doubled.

Heidi Holland – (F, Ages from teenager to late 30s in the play, should read as 25-35 on stage) A smart, enthusiastic girl who becomes a successful – but occasionally unfulfilled – art historian and forges a life for herself in the changing landscape of 1980s America. She feels like a spectator in her own life, much like the artists she studies. Heidi is sharp and funny, and good comedic timing is a must.

Susan Johnston – (F, 20s-30s) Heidi’s best friend from childhood. Quick-witted and quippy, she is the confident type – happy to take over any room she enters. Transforms herself several times during the course of the play, into everything from a sheep farmer to a Hollywood executive.

Scoop Rosenbaum – (M, 25-35) Heidi’s on-again, off-again love interest. A brash, confident man who challenges Heidi and betrays more feelings for her than those to which he’ll admit. Eventually takes the “easy way out” and marries Lisa, who is far more simple than Heidi.

Jill – (F, 30s) A housewife in Ann Arbor, Michigan with four children who runs the Huron Street Ann Arbor Women’s Consciousness-Raising Rap Group.
Fran – (F, 20s) A lesbian physicist who helps Jill run the Rap Group.
Becky – (F, 17) A teenage girl who comes to the Rap Group looking for help with her abusive boyfriend.
Lisa – (F, 30s) Scoop’s wife. A traditional Southern girl (accent is a plus!) with a bright personality and an easygoing temperament.
Denise – (F, 20s) Lisa’s bubbly younger sister, who eventually goes on to work for Susan in Hollywood.
April – (F, 20-40) A talk show host who moderates a “discussion” between Heidi, Scoop, and Peter.
Molly – (F, 20-40) Susan’s date to Peter’s wedding during her possibly-brief phase dating women.
Betsy – (F, 30s) Lisa’s friend who indulges in some not-so-innocent gossip at Lisa’s baby shower.
Debbie – (F, 20-40) Heidi’s friend and fellow art historian who attends a protest with her.
Chris Boxer/Mark/Waiter/Ray – (M, 20-40) The other men who come into and out of Heidi’s life. **This part will be played by one actor.**

December 12 and December 14 at 6:30 PM

Open Arts PAC
Bordentown, NJ

Company: Shakespeare ’70
Director: Lili Timmes
Assistant Director: Sarah Stryker
Producer: Curt Foxworth
Stage Manager: Ray Fallon
Lighting Design: Vianna Fagel
Sound Design: Andrew Timmes

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Bordentown, NJ
Please submit to:

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