Tyler Perry Auditions For New Talent in Atlanta


Would you love to land a role in a Tyler Perry TV show or movie? You have a shot because Perry’s casting directors are looking for new talent.

The casting team for popular Tyler Perry shows is holding general auditions this week. The company is looking for Atlanta based actors to work in current and upcoming Tyler Perry productions. According to a story in Bizjournals, Rhayvn Drummer, a casting director for Tyler Perry studios is now accepting general submissions and will be auditioning selected talent in person.

Tyler Perry studios is looking for new talent, especially those that have never auditioned for them. Tyler Perry produces most of his shows and movies in the Atlanta area. Tyler Perry is the writer, director and often times actor for quite a few shows including ,   and the “Madea” series of films.  His newest addition to the Madea family of films “Boo, A Madea Holloween” has just wrapped in the area and more projects are on the way.

New Tyler Perry show casting call for extras and background actors

Perry’s casting director, Drummer, released the following message: I’m going to be holding GENERAL auditions this week and I’m looking for actors that I have not yet auditioned that are based in the Atlanta area!

Please submit your headshot and resume to: CastingSubmissions@tylerperrystudios.com.

In the subject line please type: “General Submission 2016.” We will be holding generals as early as tomorrow, so please submit as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you!

Auditions are being held by appointment in the Atlanta area. To be considered for an in person audition with Tyler Perry’s casting team, you may send your resumes and headshots to the email listed above.

39 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Auditions For New Talent in Atlanta

  1. Avelino Dsouza

    Keep believing in yourself and keep working hard and most importantly reading the Bible to encourage you to reach your dreams Good luck

  2. Elease Harris

    Tyler Perry what can I say? I love all of your work!! I like how everything has a deep meaning. My name is Elease Harris and I’m 15 years old. There’s a lot in life I would like to achieve in life and one of them is becoming an actress. I’ve recently started applying for modeling and acting I don’t have any experience but I doubt that i’ll need much because I just have that type of personality. I hope that my acting dreams will someday come true and i’ll continue to be confident, faithful, and very positive of my dreams coming true one day!

  3. Roxie N Travis

    Mr.Tyler Perry. No need to sound typical…. Make my dreams come true! I will/can play any part that you have available or do the work that is required behind the scenes…… If I can get a foot in, I am grateful for that.. Surely, it will lead me to other great accomplishments. Sincerely, An Artist in Every Way!

  4. Dale Sharp

    Mr. Perry, I have always been a true fan to you love your surroundings of great people who you worked with. I have always wanted to be an actor and also a dancer, always wanted to be one of Janet Jackson’s back up dancers. I am a very hilarious individual and people love me where ever I go. it would be a pleasure to share my experience with you.

  5. Kerwin adams

    I love Tyler Perry however people always told me that I have a strong resemblance to Taye Diggs. Everyone has always been telling me I should be discovered and I’m still in hopes that I will. I keep praying for the opportunity to come.

  6. Kimberly K

    Mr. Perry! I can’t add much to what’s been said but I can tell you I’m also a big fan and would love the chance to work with you! I’m 49 and could be someone in the crowd of household etc. Your movies are fabulous and regardless I can’t wait to see them!

  7. Alfonso Burney

    I’m so proud of the work that you’ve done throughout the years, Mr. Perry, as this has bought opportunities for thousands upon thousands of people who otherwise would never experience a dream, goal or vision. Like everyone else, I too have been touched through your generosity and Just want to thank you.

    Although I do not reside in Atlanta anymore, I do read the talent news to see what’s going on in the casting arena. It is my hopes that I can share one of my Scripts once I find someone who’s in the ‘Pitching’ field. I once read in an article that you would one day venture out and make films of the genre of Science- Fiction.

    If you are interested, I’d like to share two of mine, along with a few of my novels that can become adaptations for TV. I’d love to share those with you in the future. Again, thanks for being a Blessing to so many people, as you have single-handedly employed and cast thousands who are grateful that you took a chance and BELIEVED IN YOURSELF so that you could be a blessing to others.

  8. Briggette Hammonds

    I have videos of me performing on those pages. On one song I am belting on top of the piano style. Lol. I am a professional Singer, Dancer, Model, Actress,Poet, songwriter. I was a finalist in the television show X Factor. I have performed Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern, West African, and even Pole Dance. I was a Movie Extra and Model in Hollywood California. My writing and poetry has been compared to Maya Angelou. Mr. Perry I adore all of your work. It would be an honor to have an opportunity to work with you. I really want this opportunity.

  9. Briggette Hammonds

    Hi, I am a professional singer, dancer, model, actress, songwriter. I was a finalist in the television show X Factor. I have performed Ballet, Tap, Jazz, West African, and even Pole Dance. I was Movie Extra, and Model in Hollywood, California. As far as my poetry, and songwriting I have been compared to Maya Angelo. Mr. Perry I love all of your work. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with you. Oh, by the way, my name is Briggette Hammonds A.K.A B. Sparkle

    1. Keith Craven

      My name is. The 1 for this position, never been in movies. On video sets know and hung out with some people in the business not bragging # I look good and I’m VERY MARKETABLE. I’M A MILLION DOLLARS WALKING, facts is facts…

  10. Montecarlo gartrell

    I have been in (3) movies with some of the big names and I am trying one last time to make a name for myself. I already have a cool name (montecarlo) that is different.

  11. darryl streeter aka street

    whats up I am a rapper/producer/actor looking for a chance to present my skills. I live in the Atlanta area.

  12. Brandy Jones

    Hello, my name is Brandy! I am a mother of 2, one girl and one boy! Both have now graduated HS and in college and now I’d like to pursue my dreams as an actor! Mr. Perry, you are truly an inspiration! I watched you receive your award on BET and it was the best sprang if the entire awards show! I have a goal to follow in your footsteps and would greatly appreciate an invitation to be given the opportunity!

  13. Jared Stovall

    I’m a SAG eligible actor here in Atlanta. Still pushing. But, no matter what I do, my family will not believe that I’ve made it until I’m in a Tyler Perry movie. I’m a big fan and student actually, but to hear that tickles me. It shows your power and inspires simultaneously. Love it and Thank You for your leadership. One day though.

    Always looking forward,

    Jared Stovall

  14. Daniel Burgos lopez

    Since I was a younger man, I wanted to make my TV show, never had that chance to make it, but now I see the truth.

  15. Ross Cornell Spears

    I have attempted to become an extra in movies, TV, however, I never get the call.

    1. Samantha Mcclendon

      Hello my name is Samantha, I’m your girl, I’m creative, great personality, very optimistic and talented in so many ways, I’m a Cosmetologist and educator, for 17 years, I can sing, act, fashion and so much more. I’m ready to see what else God has in store. I promise you wont regret choosing me. Thank you for your time.

  16. Michael LeBron Davis

    I Believe I was meant to be in this field of acting though I have chosen it. I am a local commercial driver in Louisville, Kentucky. I make a decent living, but always wondered what if. I believe I have family already that are doing well for themselves in this field, but parents have lost contact. The reason of me feeling this way is that I am always pulled to trying to figure out a way to audition for something. Well, if anything is close to Louisville, Kentucky I am free on the weekend completely and free during the day from 3pm-9pm. Later

    Mr. Michael LeBron Davis

  17. Wilfredo Molina

    I’m 18 years old trying to jump start my career as an actor. It would be a blessing to meet you and hopefully get a chance to be in any films or even get advice on how to become successful in this industry.

  18. Martell M Mitchell

    Literally born to act very dedicated and willing to learn ain’t nothing I would rather do in life

  19. Deborah Shannon

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    I am a singer but 56 years old. I sing gospel but I am able to do other different types of music.
    Would love to get a CD to your studio. I really admire your work. I don’t feel that i’m a big time local singer but use what God has blessed with me with.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Edirin

    I Don’t need to talk much, but am looking forward to your response.

  21. Patrica Long

    I am 28 yrs old African American female. I love to be in the center of attention also I’m very talented, acting ,singing, dancing always been my dream. I really admire all your acting roles and movies. Hopefully one day someone will discover my talent and I will get to get my dreams fulfilled and be the star.

  22. J. Sariah

    I am a singer/ songwriter. I would love to just write for some of your movies or I could make a song for something specific. I have an album out called “The Journey” on all music platforms that I wrote myself and I am still releasing singles and working in the studio. My songwriting skills are something serious! I write heart felt relate-able music. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I made a song called Houston Strong that was almost on the news there. I am still pushing my album and other singles. I am a brand ambassador and promotional model on the side as well. I will take any position just to even volunteer on set. Please contact me through my email and I will pass it on to my manager. Thank you!

  23. Lazzelle Gelias

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry,
    I am a 49 yr. old Afro-Caribbean female who; admires your work. Especially the TV series of “House of Payne” and “Meet the Browns.” I live in Toronto, Ontario and here, we have no TV series that caters to our community, ever since “Da Kink in my Hair” came off the air. Many of us would really like for you to come and start a comedy Series similar to the shows mentioned above looking into the lives of Caribbean and African families. I am an Actor who is looking to move up the ladder and will really appreciate an opportunity to take part in this type of project or any of your up and coming ones.
    Thank you and looking forward to here from you and hopefully meet you.

  24. Nahomi Cebollero

    I will travel anywhere if I ever have the opportunity to audition for Tyler Perry, I am in the military and I might be leaving soon for six months. It would be such a blessing to even be able to at least meet Tyler Perry, now that would be ideal.

  25. Mitzi M Booker

    Please Please Please Tyler Perry! come to BOSTON and or Cape Cod to grab some GREAT Talent!

  26. Rose M Norton -Coleman

    I wanna be in a Tyler Perry movie or show.
    My name is Rose I’m interested in auditioning for your movies/tv shows. I’m not a young beautiful girl anymore but, I haven’t been able to let go of my dream of being an actor ,I wish I could but, so far can’t. I realize you are looking for people in Georgia but, if you call, I will come, thanks for your Time.

  27. kandice George

    Hello, Mr. Perry and the Tyler Perry family, just a 32 yr old with a dream, a vision, a talent to become a success. You are paving the way for so many young, and older individuals. Feel it’s my time now to show my gifts. Looking forward to meeting and working with you. I’m driven, determined, and sincere.

  28. Annie Clark

    Hello Mr Perry, I am new to Georgia but I’m here for a reason, everybody thinks I’m nuts/hilarious lol. The thing is it’s just me, I be so serious. As my grandmother would say I guess I will admit I have a disease called “the I can’t help it” everyone thinks my calling is acting, you make the call. It would be a pleasure just to meet you.

  29. Carla Jenkins

    Good evening I would love to know when there will be auditions in Baltimore and New York. I know God is accelerating this year. I watch Tyler Perry movies for years and he has had a phenomenal impact on me. I’ve been able to be in two plays, one was at the oldest African American theatre in the United States, arena Playhouse, the play was called daughters of God by Anthony Presley. This was A phenomenal spiritual impact on my life. My role was Lot’s wife, God is accelerating me. I hope it will be an opportunity to move forward. I appreciate in time and thank you.

  30. Ronald Wilson

    I am a big FAN of Tyler Perry, and any thing he produces. Especially, with MaDea in it… I would love the opportunity one day to audition as everyone else would. But most of all just to be in the presence of someone of his caliber. Best wishes to Mr. Perry, and all those who make the DREAM possible.

  31. Alisha Rudolph

    I’m looking forward to working with you thanks in advance.

  32. Tonika

    I’ve loved Tyler Perry movies and shows would love join in one

  33. Anthony D. Stewart

    Mr. Perry I first want to say congrats on your success it took Hollywood long enough, but I guess God was not ready for you to do what your doing now then. He had to make you strong enough to deal with it. I am a actor, and a standup comedian. I have appeared on live at the Apollo in 2003. I was an extra in American Gangster staring Denzel washington. I am currently writing my first novel getting the manuscript in order, and I have ideas for about three more books and screenplays. I never been in a tv show or commercial. I am a natural actor, I have been told by a new talent agents. I am 50 years old but I look younger. I would love the chance, I won’t let you down. I love all your movies and plays, and your character choices.

  34. Jimmy Thomas

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I admire your work and would love to have an opportunity to be apart what you do. I write, sing, rap, act and direct music videos. Go on YouTube and type in Jimmy Thomas aka J-SLIM to see my music videos and check out my work.


    I am a singer, actress, musician organ, keyboard/piano, playwright, director, produced own musical drama with 23 original songs and 62 speaking parts recorded to dvd not for public purchase at time. I’m an artist who paints in oil favorite, acrylic, water color landscapes, abstracts, flowers etc. Not portraits yet. Working on. I love theatre and movies. I was an extra in several movies filmed in N.C. Have sung with professionals, and recorded. I have never auditioned for any Tyler Perry works. I am very interested in doing so. I think I am unique in a good way. I hope to hear from you.


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