Voice Over Auditions for Kids, Child Actors for Cartoon Voice Work in Miami


Location: MIAMI, FL.

Type: Other Projects

My name is Rafael and I’m a director at Centauro Group. We are a voice over dubbing company where we handle productions for cartoons, video games, documentaries and translations of foreign films. I’m currently looking for talented boys under 12 years old for our upcoming projects. This is paid and recurring work. We are located in the Televisa building on 36th street behind the Miami International Airport.

Just to let you know that the ad was intended for talent that resides in South Florida (Dade and Broward). We are located near the Miami International Airport. If you don’t live in the area, I am sorry for the inconvenience but we only handle our productions in our facility and we can only work with people that can come in on a regular basis.

If you would please be so kind to send me a sample of your voice. Either something previously recorded or reading the script below and I will review it as soon as possible. Just read the script below 3 times with your natural tone of voice. (I just need to hear your tone to know where to place you in each project)


I assure you that you’ve never seen anything like this! It’s awesome! I’ll see you there!

If you don’t have recording equipment, please record a voice sample off of your cellphone (A video is fine as well If that’s easier for you and don’t want to download an audio recording app. Any app that captures your voice is fine. I just need to be able to hear you without background noise). The easier the better; I’ve had a few people stress out because they’re not technically savvy. As long as I hear your voice, that’s all that matters.

Email it back to me please (rafael@centauro.com) or just reply to this casting call. Email it back to me with your phone number, email , age, city of residence and availability. Please keep your samples and personal information in the same email. Any email we receive without the proper information will be discarded.

PLEASE BE AWARE: This is not a full-time job. Each session takes around 2 to 3 hours and the frequency that you will be recording with us depends on how many projects a client approves your voice for. On average each actor comes in every 2 to 3 weeks, or so.

If you know how to sing please send me a sample of you singing. Could be a previously recorded song or an a capella. (Can be any song. It can be Twinkle Twinkle Little star; It doesn’t matter, we just need to hear what you sound like). If you don’t know how to sing, it’s fine. It’s just a plus.

Just to let you know a little more about what we will do. Once you send me the audio sample, I will review it. I will upload it to our talent database. If I hear that your voice would be perfect for a specific character for one of our upcoming projects (Our current projects are already filled) then I will submit it to our client and await approval.

If you don’t have previous experience, it’s fine. As long as you know how to act and the desire to work on our project, I will coach you through it.

The pay rate is $20 for coming in (Call-In Fee) and $1.86 per loop

Example of a loop:
This is a Line: Hello sir
This is a Loop: Hello sir, how are you today?

The amount of loops depends on the amount of projects and the role. It can be 50 loops all the way up to 500 loops in one session.

Please email your voice sample to me with your phone number, email , age, city of residence and availability.

Thank you,

ADR Director
Miami – Bogota – São Paulo

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: MIAMI, FL.
Please submit to: RAFAEL@CENTAURO.COM by 2016-09-30

This casting notice was posted by: CENTAURO GROUP

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