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Voice Actor for Animated Series

Voice actor for Steve in new animated web series Location: nationwide Type: Web series WHAT: Voice actor for “What About Halkyard?”, a new web-series. LOCATION: As long as you have a microphone in your place, location can be anywhere! TYPE: Low budget animated web series This is an audition for a voice actor with a […]

Voice Actor in Austin for Student Film

Young Dissonance Location: Austin, Texas Type: Student Films This is an audition for a child-like voice actor. This role requires crying and whining for a pro-life short film. Plot: A young college girl gets pregnant during her freshman year and must decide what to do about her pregnancy. Throughout the film, the audience can hear […]

Open Auditions in Albuquerque, NM for “Derelict”

Derelict – Open Casting Call for Narrative Podcast Location: Albuquerque Type: Web series Production Title: Derelict Production Company: Night Rocket Productions Description: This will be a ten episode narrative podcast series (audio only) about a spaceship crew exploring and trying to survive a derelict ship. More info here: The producers are going to make […]

Voice Actor Auditions in Hong Kong for Animated Project

HONG KONG – CASTING CALL – DUBBING Location: Hong Kong Type: Other Projects TransPerfect Studios Hong Kong needs native English (US or Canada) female speakers residing in Hong Kong for a voice recording project. We need to dub the following 5 characters (they are all little children) for an animation project: Zack (M) – Outgoing, […]

Caribbean Voice Over Actress in San Antonia

Caribbean voiceover for reading a script for an art piece Location: San Antonio City Centre Type: Other Projects I am a UK artist on residency in San Antonio and creating an artwork and need women who have detectable Caribbean accents or so to read a short script for a sound work that will be heard […]

Volunteer Voice Actors for an Indie Short

Voice actor(s) for VERY short story. Location: nationwide Type: Other Projects I have a six-page script that I would like to have performed by someone who can do both a male deep scary voice, a normal narrator voice, a demented shrill voice (only a few short lines) and, hopefully, a few lines for a young […]

Voice Actors for Audio Play in Atlanta

Actors Needed for Audio Play “An Unforgivable Act” in Atlanta Location: Atlanta, GA Type: Theater Actors needed for an audio drama entitled An Unforgivable Act, a three-act play that revolves around the character of Percy, a wealthy, charismatic young golden boy whose carefully hidden dark side emerges when he discovers his boyfriend of five years, […]

Casting Sail Moon Fan Film

Codename Sailor V: The Anime Location: Nationwide Type: Web series You may have heard the tales of Sailor Moon and her fellow Senshi, but do you know the story of the guardian who started it all? Yes- if it wasn’t for Sailor V, there’d be no Sailor Moon. It’s been 27 years since the first […]

Talk Show Casting Voice Over Actor

Low Budget Voice Over Location: nationwide Type: Talk Show This entails 10 minutes of work, reading a few pages of text. Ideally you have the ability to record yourself (sound proof room is best, but we are on a low budget so a quiet room is good). Then you would just email it the whole […]

Voice Actors for Audio Book Project

Justin’s Untitled Autism Adventure Location: nationwide Type: Other Projects VOICE OVER ACTORS AND ACTRESSES NEEDED. MUST HAVE VOICE OVER DEMO or ACTING REEL! No Photographs needed. 6 Male Voices Ages 18-40 4 Female Voices Between the Ages of 18-40 Radio Play/Audio Book written and directed by Justin Valenti, an artist on the Autism Spectrum attending […]

Voice Actors in Pacific Northwest for “Dement”

Dement Location: Pacific North West Type: Voice “Dement” is a horror game that relies on perception. It’s a race against time to protect those you love, and danger lurks at every turn. Reality is what you believe it to be, and sometimes you can’t afford to believe only in yourself. CHARACTER BIOS RICHARD (MALE, 30-50) Richard […]

Voice Actors for Charity Show

Seeking Readers of Children’s Christmas Books Location: nationwide Type: Other Projects We are seeking actors to film a reading of their favorite Christmas children’s book for possible screening with our live event benefiting Toys for Tots. Your footage may also be part of a film that will air on streaming channels. There is no pay, […]

Hiring Actors in Miami for Paid, Live Event at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Coral Gables

Night Garden (Live Event) Location: Miami, FL Type: Other Projects A live interactive/experiential event to be held at Fairchild Botanical Gardens in Coral Gables. Various art installations, experiences, and interactive attractions. This event will run 7 days a week (with a few blackout dates) from Nov 19 – Jan 11. Hours will be approximately 5pm […]