Actor / Singer Auditions in NYC for Musical “Soviet Zion”


SOVIET ZION – Highlights from the score

Location: New York, New York

Type: Singers

An operatic musical drama set in Siberia about the lives of two families who move there in the attempt to create a Yiddish state. Producer states: “I am seeking one uncommonly strong operatic mezzo soprano to feature in the recital which will showcase highlights from the score. I’m looking to present this on one or two nights only and it will be a short performance featuring two exceptional vocalists accompanied at the piano.
My background is as a producer of new works in the UK and I plan to invite many industry decision makers so even though as profit share this might be lucrative, it is a genuine opportunity for exposure especially for strong singers seeking opportunities to be showcased in a new work.

Please search on youtube for ‘soviet zion orchestral edit’ the songs that will be featured are those sung by ‘Mirele’ and if interested please send links to demos of your singing in a similar style.

Casting: Via Skype and phone
Rehearsals: Through Skype
Performance Dates: TBD. Oct. 2017
Location: NYC

Important Info: Producer is based in Florida. He would send you the rehearsal material electronically and we would schedule Skype sessions before meeting to rehearse together in New York prior to the show.

Payment: Paid
Profit share

City or Location of call: New York, New York
Please submit to: GILESHOWE@HOTMAIL.COM by 2017-05-07

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