Auditions for Actors / Actresses of All Ages in Columbus Ohio for Gospel Stage Play

By | August 14, 2017


Location: Columbus Metropolitan Library Address: 96 S Grant Ave Columbus, Oh 43215 Parking: Main Library’s parking garage

Type: Theater

“Only God Can Change Me” focuses on the dark secrets that grip the dysfunctional Shepherd family, and the tragedies that follow as one of their own succumbs to the grip of heroin addiction. The matriarch of the family turns to God as the only answer to the family’s struggle. This is a powerful and relatable account of the family’s battle against the ravages of addiction, and the powerful faith that can potentially bring redemption. “Only God Can Change Me” touches audiences so deeply, one commentator put it, “Whether you are the black sheep of the family, the peacemaker, the dreamer, the troublemaker, or simply the glue that holds everything together, you’ll feel right at home with the Shepard family.”


Date(s): Saturday, August 19, 2017 Time: 9:00AM to 12:30PM Call Back: Saturday,
August 26, 2017 Time: 9:00AM to 12:30PM

Singing and non- singing roles –  If you are auditioning for singing role bring music or sound track acapella is welcome. Be prepared with two one minute monologue. Will be a cold reading from the script. Play open October 21, 2017 with a small tour through Central Ohio


CHARLENE 54: singing role the matriarch; wife of FRANK Shepard and mother to FELICIA, LISA, and LEE and grandmother to CHANTEL. CHARLENE is a very spiritual, strong, black woman, and caring disciplinarian. She is a homemaker who struggles with failing health due to a heart problem and stress. The love she feels for her family and for the Lord can be seen plainly on her face.

FRANK 56: he is the patriarch of the family and husband to CHARLENE. He is also father to FELICIA, LISA, LEE and grandfather to CHANTEL. He is a hard worker who struggles with alcohol. Currently he is unemployed and bitter about his life. FRANK is hot-tempered and uses force to discipline. He is also an unstable father figure. Bitterness has destroyed what little looks he had.

FELICIA 30: singing role oldest child of CHARLENE and FRANK; sister to LISA and LEE. FELICIA is married to TONY WASHINGTON and they have a young daughter named CHANTEL. She is a gentle person, who lovingly interacts with her family, particularly her husband, TONY. She is strong and bold, and shows a caring mature love for all members of her family. She works at the local community center as a counselor.

TONY 32: husband to FELICIA and father to CHANTEL. He is very affectionate toward FELICIA and is a God-fearing man, able to handle the word of God with boldness and confidence. He is not afraid to touch, hug, or offer comfort. He displays a great sense of humor. He works as an assistant director in the community development relations department at City Hall.

CHANTEL: a mischievous 10 year-old; daughter to FELICIA and TONY. She is not shy, but full of energy. She loves to have fun and learn, but she has a smart mouth. Because of her parents and grandmother, she is growing in the spirit of the Lord.

LEE 17: singing role middle child of CHARLENE and FRANK and only son. He is disrespectful toward family and friends, especially his father. He quits school because “it’s for fools and idiots.” He is an angry, young, black man, showing signs of falling in with a bad crowd and becoming a street thug. As the play unfolds, he slowly evolves and becomes sensitive – able to cry and experience love, joy, and happiness.

LISA 15: singing role incredibly young and vulnerable; youngest child of CHARLENE and FRANK. LISA becomes a drug addict. She is emotionally unable to deal with problems well. She is in school, but becomes disillusioned with learning because of the instability of her home life. She, too, evolves during the play, and ultimately becomes positive, uplifting, and encouraging.

AUNT GRACY 58 singing role older sister to CHARLENE. She is a church-going widow with plenty of money who dresses accordingly. AUNT GRACY is very close to her sister CHARLENE, but hostile toward FRANK.

JUDY 11: a neighborhood kid. She has sticky fingers and is always at the home of CHARLENE and FRANK. JUDY is a friend to CHANTEL.

ANGIE 58: friend to AUNT GRACY and the Shepard family. She is able to display humor with a child-like ability. ANGIE is also a widow.

MRS. GREEN 53: CHARLENE’S next door neighbor and a close family friend. She is a widow; her husband had an industrial accident at work. ?



Rehearsals starts August 28, 2017

Do to the nature of the play this is also an opportunity a tool for those persons both victims and love ones going through the struggle of addiction who would like to utilize their talent for healing experience from addiction to be part of a life changing event in a non-judgmental environment we welcome the chance to work with you.

Please see the following pdf – Publication2-1

Payment: Other
There are paid and non paid parts

City or Location of call: Columbus Metropolitan Library Address: 96 S Grant Ave Columbus, Oh 43215 Parking: Main Library’s parking garage
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