Auditions in Boulder Colorado for Student Film Project

Stay Calm

Location: Boulder, CO

Type: Student Films

Actors for dark comedy crime short film. Student writer & director looking for actors for short film about a convenience store robbery gone wrong(of course). Will be working with a professional videographer and student help.

Role 1: Male, 18 – 24 . A man in his early twenties. Having been to jail and through having been an addict since the age of 16, he considers himself prepared for anything by virtue of his experience. Though much of his misfortune has been self inflicted, he blames the world for it and thus sees himself as a survivor and someone who can adapt to dangerous situations. He likes to have a plan.
As a boy he was extremely sensitive, and still is, but acts “hard” as an attempt to cover up the fact he is deeply empathetic, sensitive, and caring. Which he views as weakness in the world he lives in. However, it often gets the best of him.

Role 2: Male 18 – 24. Keeps a lot in, internalizing and observing the majority of what goes on around him and happens to him. Often trying to play things off as not bothersome when they truly are to him. With a small smirk at things he finds amusing and a quietly arrogant attitude. He likes to be able to test people and tires to push them advantageously to himself.
Under the impression he has control and understands all that goes on around him in his situations. This feeling of control gives him stability, and level headedness.

Role 3: Male 18 – 24. Is practical. And likes to know that he is. He likes to be able to know people and assess situations. He is a realist, and some might say a nihilist. Mostly him, and if you’re a girl at a bar you’ll get to hear about it. He has a sense of duty and responsibility all while believing he is slightly elevated to them.

Role 4: Man 20 – 35. Robert used to have something in his life, but somewhere along the line it was lost. He faith in men was swayed but not his faith in the world. His sadness turned into a sense of duty to make the world a good place. And he tries to do good in it.

Looking to shoot the week of July 10th through 16th.

Open casting call Saturday July the 8th

7/8/2017 @ 2000 21st St, Boulder, CO 80302 from 1 PM to 5 PM

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boulder, CO
Please submit to: by 2017-07-08

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