Auditions in Tampa Florida for Student Film “Freedom Costs”

Freedom Costs

Location: Tampa, Florida

Type: Student Films

Freedom Costs: A Survivor’s Story
The Art Institute of Tampa Student Project


Male Lead
Full Name: Jorge Martinez
Nickname: Doc
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Build: Medium build, with a little pudge around the belly

Brief Backstory: Jorge’s childhood was struck by tragedy when he was eight years old. His father died in a drunk driver incident. His mother took it hard; she began to drink and use drugs. She remarried nine months after his father’s death to an abusive alcoholic. Jorge left home at the age of 15 to live with his paternal grandfather. He was close with his paternal grandfather, until he too died from a heart attack just days prior to Jorge’s 18th birthday.
Jorge joined the Army a few months after he graduated from high school, due to the events that happened on September 11th, 2001. He did two tours in Afghanistan and three in Iraq before leaving the regular Army. He returned home to Tampa, Florida. After six months, Jorge still had the urge to serve his country, so he joined the Florida National Guard. While in the Guard he met a fellow medic, Vincent Cruz from Pensacola. They bonded and became battle buddies, deploying together on two missions. It was on their last mission that affected Jorge the most, when young Jim Hunter, a fellow Tampanian, was killed in action.

Female Lead
Full Name: Tammy Sandborn
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Build: Slender build

Brief Backstory: Tammy was really close to her father growing up. They played together every day after school and took father/daughter outings on the weekend. When she was 10 her dad died of prostate cancer that was later linked to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. Once she was old enough to drive, she began volunteering at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital.
Tammy graduated a few years behind Jorge. She has an older sister, Melanie, who was in the same graduating class as Jorge; they all ran around the same circles in high school. After high school Tammy went on to graduate from the University of South Florida, majoring in Speech Pathology. She works at the Veteran’s Hospital with Vets suffering from Traumatic Brain injuries, among other who have issues formulating words.
Tammy and Jorge re-united after he departed the Army and was filing for VA benefits. Jorge proposed to Tammy before leaving on his last deployment. They still maintained separate living abodes, but the pan was to move-in with one another after he returned back from his final tour of duty. They called it quits shortly after his return, after he became abusive toward her; although she never stopped loving him.

Supporting Cast
Full Name: Vincent Cruz
Nickname: Doc
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Build: Medium build

Brief Backstory: Vincent grew up a military brat with his father and mother both retiring as U.S. Navy Captains. Vincent has two older siblings and one younger. His parent’s final duty station was at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. He earned a degree in nursing and works at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola. Seeing so many Vets suffering from PTSD, Vincent is going back to school to earn a degree in Mental Health.
He joined the Florida National Guard as a Medic, and was quickly sent to Iraq; where he met Jorge Martinez. They bonded immediately.
While working at Sacred Heart, he met Jackie Landis, an ER nurse at Sacred Heart. They have been together for three years and are engaged to be married.

Extras (Speaking)
Full Name: Travis
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Brief Backstory: Current resident of Jorge’s former apartment. He has some interaction with Tammy when she returns to Jorge’s apartment to give back some of his belongings.
Extras (Non-speaking)
Five (5) Passengers returning home from travel at airport.
Seven (7) People waiting for passengers disembarking the tram.
Twenty (20) Audience members at University of South Florida (USF) listening to a motivational speech.

Please submit a picture (professional headshots not needed) and resume to the email address below.
Contact number: (813) 334-4478

Shooting Starts: July 22nd, 2017
Shooting Ends: September 1st, 2017

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Tampa, Florida
Please submit to: by 2017-07-14

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