Auditions in NYC for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Style Indie Movie Production “Klaws”



Location: New York, New York

Type: Film

This is grindhouse/horror/arthouse film that positions itself as a “1975 Texas Chainsaw Massacre style” completely independent film.

I have been writing an 80 page script titled “Klaws” for the past two years.

The story surrounds an ancient cult within the christian religion that predicts the rise of an antichrist. The film largely takes place in isolated countryside.

Roles needed:

Klaws: Main character. Klaws will be seen as a child, teen/adult, and old man. The teen/adult role is the most significant and resembles an Evan Peters AHS season 1.

Ms. Klaws and daughters: Old dirty woman. Young twenties, black hair. Goth.

Klaws’ Kids: Four males mid twenties who can have a screw lose when it comes to acting.

EXTRAS: There are going to be many extras needed and it is VITAL that these extras fit the feel and look of the movie to further the realness of the overall film. PLEASE REACH OUT even if you have the tiniest bit of interest (even if you are not confident in your acting). If any of this sounds appealing to you, please contact, I am positive we can find a role.

MY goal is to find extremely talented unknown independent actors/actresses and showcase the @#%# out of their talent.

About Me: Young advertising professional in NY, NY. Graduate of AB Freeman Business School at Tulane University. Lifelong passion for screenwriting, film and audio—finally ready to put the pieces together. Along with the script and direction, I have an advertising strategy mapped for the film. I am proficient in Adobe Premier, After Effects and sound design and planning on doing the majority of work in-house.

Also looking for creative minds with an eye for fashion, costume design and set design.

Open Casting Call from 4/12-6/12 for completely independent, ground up horror/arthouse/grindhouse movie. Script is complete (scoring 9/10 on Screencraft’s Horror Screenplay Contest ’16).

Please email for interest. This will not be a stereotypical audition. First audition will consist of phone call/skype screening or meetup for coffee.

I am looking for actors/actresses devoted to the craft. They are passionate for all film, immersing themselves into the story, keen eye for details. Ideal candidates are able to offer creative input and bring additional skills to the table (ie; an eye for costume design, set design, lighting, ANY SKILL!). Actors/Actresses will be treated as partners. Collaboration is key.

Shooting location: New York State.

Payment: Other
currently non paid, but aim to be completely transparent with financials and want everyone compensated to the fullest

City or Location of call: New York, New York
Please submit to: by 2017-06-12

This casting notice was posted by: Joshua Portin, Director/Screenwriter

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