Boston Auditions for Voice Actor for Character Voice Over in Animated Film

Cartoon Corner Co-Host (Animated Voice-Over Role; Student Web Series Pilot)

Location: Boston, MA

Type: Web series

Hi, my name is George and I’m currently developing a pilot episode of a potential web series for my graduate degree thesis. The show is called Cartoon Corner and is primarily a review series covering animation; co-hosting is myself and an animated (anthropomorphic) character that I’m looking for someone to voice (see the character design and ask yourself “Could I give a fitting voice to this character?”).

For my pilot, I will be covering 1 to 3 cartoons, where the entire script has already been written by me (I haven’t yet decided on length but it may be between 20 minutes to over an hour). Mostly narration, the parts I’ve left out are scenes in which I interact with my co-host (mainly being commentary about the cartoon being reviewed and re-enactments) as well as some narration by the co-host between mine. It’s therefore important that I find someone who has great chemistry as well as comfortable doing voice-overs. Equally, if not more important, I want somebody who is a die-hard fan of animation (old cartoons to new) as this character and myself are enthusiastic about them.

Lastly, considering that the character is a kid, I’m leaning toward a female performer doing a boyish voice since males typically sound too deep. If interested in this role, please email me at As far as auditions, I am looking to hold them at my college at Northeastern University in Boston, MA; therefore, I ask for applicants to be from the Greater Boston area or Massachusetts only (no out-of-state). I want to be able to directly meet with you.

For those that are interested in auditioning, here’s what I REQUIRE (If you do NOT fit these criteria and contact me, I will not respond to you):

  • female performers only (doing a boyish voice)
  • 20 – 25 (I prefer to work with someone around my age, 23 as a peer)
  • theatre or acting experience (minimum college productions)
  • submit a voice sample
  • submit a head shot (a few to as many you’d like)
  • tell me where you’re located (to determine commute-times for scheduling auditions)
  • state what your favorite cartoons are



P.S. I also would like help with camera work, specifically in scenes where I need to film myself before I add animation for the voice role; it would be easier if someone can do both tasks; I will assist with handling the equipment if not totally familiar.

P.P.S. I do want to disclose that though I’m producing this thesis production, I am new to acting so my preference is that I work with somebody who is patient and not overbearing!

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Boston, MA
Please submit to:

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