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Kaleidotrope – a new queer rom-com podcast

Location: nationwide

Type: Other Projects


– Want more happy, fun stories about all sorts of awesome people falling in love?
– Want more podcasts aimed at a diverse, fannish audience?
– Want to see more podcasts that aren’t sci-fi, horror, or set on a spaceship?
– Are you tired of auditioning for depressing stories?

Then Kaleidotrope might be for you!

Kaleidotrope is a 10-episode rom-com podcast set in a modern college radio station on a slightly magical college campus where ‘happy ever after’ is the norm. It is a fun work of metafiction which explores and confronts rom-com tropes through the lives of our heroes, two reluctant radio co-hosts. This is a queer male/male romance aimed at a fannish audience.

The characters: Age ranges are approximately 18–25. Actors will be working together extensively.

– Drew, 20-ish, wry and cynical, an idealistic journalist, secretly a hopeless romantic.

Drew’s actor will have a young broadcaster’s voice. He is extremely dry and deadpans with astonishing efficacy, but he also communicates a range of deep world-weariness and deep yearning.

– Harrison, 20-ish, bubbly and optimistic, openly a hopeless romantic.

Harrison is a happy genderqueer boy, a bit flighty, secretly lonely, but determined to believe in true love at all costs. If a Bob Ross happy little cloud could speak it would probably sound like Harrison.

Time commitment: Rehearsal/recording will be 2 times a week, 2 hours per session. We work around actors’ schedules. Actors will memorize certain parts of the script to enable more naturalistic acting and better flow of dialogue. Recording setup and location are TBD based on actor availability.

To audition: To audition, please send a short email to introducing yourself, along with an mp3 recording including all of the following:

* Tell us your name, why you’re interested in this podcast, and which character you’re more interested in playing.
* A 1–2-minute monologue from a previously published script of your choice
* A 30–60-second monologue in which you talk about something you love (favorite book/movie/vacation spot/food, etc) as though you were addressing invisible listeners of a late-night radio show. 🙂
* If you have any specific schedule requirements, please let us know.

Audition deadline: December 3. This is a preliminary audition; we will contact actors for callbacks at a later date. Feel free to email us with questions and share this call with friends if you think they might be interested.

Payment: Other
Payment: Our plan is to provide payment for our actors through crowdfunding, and actor payment will be the priority of the crowdfunding initiative.

City or Location of call: nationwide
Please submit to: by 2017-12-03

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