Disney Auditions in Atlanta for Families to go on Free Family Disney Cruise & Get Paid


Get cast for Disney

Auditions coming up for Disney commercial / promo for the Disney Cruise line is now casting REAL families to go on a Caribbean Disney Cruise and get paid to do so.

This will be a 5 to 7 day cruise and each family member will be paid $500 per filming day which can add up to thousands over multiple days. The shoot is scheduled for April 1st through April 8th.

Atlanta Models & Talent will be holding auditions in Atlanta later this week for families that have kids between the ages of 7 and 12 to participate in a photo shoot on board ship. Travel will be paid by the production and families cast will get a great family cruise to remember forever. Auditions for the spots will be held by appointment only and families in GA need to submit their photos and information ASAP in order to get an audition slot.

Disney auditions for the Disney Cruise spot are being held on the 9th and 10th of this month. Please note that in person auditions are required for families that are selected from the initial photo submissions, so, families must live in the Atlanta area and be able to make the in person auditions later this week.

Disney Cruiuse lines auditions for TV commercial

The spot is looking for fun REAL families… By REAL they mean that all individuals are a real family unit and related. The commercial / photo shoot is not looking for submissions from individuals.

The family cast will also be paid for their part. Compensation will be $500 per day, per family member going on the cruise. This is for a 5 to 7 day cruise so a family of 4 may stand to make over $10,000 for the trip. Families cast will be sailing to the Caribbean where they will be filmed or photographed having a great time.

If your family is ready to set sail… you better rush it. All submissions need to be in ASAP.

Atlanta Models & Talent is seeking REAL FAMILIES for a Disney Cruise! Details below on how to be considered for this opportunity!
Shoots: April, 1st – April, 8th in the Caribbean
Pay: $500.00 per family member per day.
Travel will be paid too.

Specs: Good looking families that are fun and outgoing with kids age 7-12.

To submit: Email a family photo to amtcommercialdivision@gmail.com

Auditions: In Atlanta only Thursday, March 9th and Friday, March 10th BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!


3 thoughts on “Disney Auditions in Atlanta for Families to go on Free Family Disney Cruise & Get Paid

  1. Diane Currie

    Did you fill the Disney Cruise opportunity? I have two families very interested.

  2. Justin Higgins

    I live in Capetown, wanting to get to Atlanta. I’m in south Africa. I’m good with acting and good with learning scripts. Ilove acting but I need to get to Atlanta, can you help me out? I’m a 10 year old boy turning 11 this year in June.

  3. Kelli R Johnson

    I am trying to apply now but I don’t see where I can submit information


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